Is it possible to change my shipping address?


Hi. I preordered this awhile ago, I think it was all the way back in August, and I’m still very excited about it and hope to receive it soon. The problem is, I made plans for after the holidays when I thought I would be getting my order in December, so I will not be at the address I gave in the first week of January when my order is likely to ship. Is it possible to change my shipping address to another within the U.S.? Failing that, could I get my shipment delayed until I returned to the right address later that month or in February? Any answers would be appreciated.


if you have a backerkit ( profile there is an option in it to change the shipping address, otherwise I believe the right email is to have them look into it.


Yep – just checked, and it looks like the “lockdown date” on the backerkit has been pushed out to Dec. 15, so you can still edit your info.


I vote for stickying/pinning this thread on the front page (or creating a single-post info thread), if possible. “How do I change my shipping address” gets asked a lot.

Pinging @codinghorror and @JulioMiles because admins and forum powers.


Does it really come up that much? Shouldn’t the campaign page be updated first?


Well just personally I’ve seen it asked 2-5+ times directly following most delays, a few times in between, and as at least four separate new threads. I made the suggestion today after seeing three more people ask in the span of just an hour or two.

But maybe an actual FAQ sticky would be more appropriate. The campaign page does have a (sort of outdated) section at the far bottom, but the forum really seems to have become more of a hub for answering questions.


All right, well let’s keep an eye on it and let me know.