Is it possible to make Masa fully dissolve?


I think People Chow is actually pretty tasty. But the issue is the particles of Masa never seem to dissolve (blender bottle + leaving it up refrigerator overnight or longer). Do you need to like blend People Chow? Or is it just completely impossible to have a particle-free People Chow?


The only way I can think of is to use a high-power blender to crush the masa into a powder. (Blendtec, etc)


Apparently if you use more water the Masa grittiness goes a way a bit. I’m really surprised on how tasty and filling this stuff is overall, with some kind of slight preprocessing it could almost be perfect.


Why are people on the forum so anti-blenders?


Difficulty to clean seems like the most likely culprit. Also using a blender tends to add to preparation time, which is one of the things that people want to try to avoid.


I’ve been on People Chow for 4 months. I’ve heard getting the correct brand of masa is important. I get mine MaSeCa masa at WinCo or WallMart. I put about 1.25 cups in a normal Blender Bottle and it’s pretty good. I’m surprised how little you have to shake it to completely mix it up. If I don’t shake it before each time I drink then the last 1/4 is pretty think. If you add more water, it thins out nicely. I’ve never tried a blender because it doesn’t bother me much and I would hate to have to clean the blender all the time.

I’ve ordered some Chia powder. I think it might help keep the grit spread out better, but that’s not my main goal. Good luck!


The very very expensive Vitamix is at least easy to clean–blend a drop of dish soap in water and then rinse. But it’s very very expensive.


Have you tried the Wal-Mart brand masa? I’ve heard good things about it.

I use Maseca, and I like the taste. But the silt “part” is kinda harsh. I think some parts of the Masa’s composition dissolves and other parts do not no matter how long you wait.


As I said, I use MaSeCa from Wal-Mart or WinCo. I think Wal-Mart also has “Great Value” masa. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two but stuck with MaSeCa even though it was more expensive. If the last bit is too silty, I just add some more water and it thins out nicely.