Is it pretty much too late to order more Soylent?


I ordered a month supply last Summer. I was dismayed to hear it will still be a very long time till I will be seeing my Soylent. Is it too late to order more to try to get my Soylent sooner? I was getting a bit mixed up with the different login options. On the normal Soylent site, I don’t appear to have an account. Only in Backerkit so I am not sure this is possible or even traceable back to my original order. Man, I really wish I had doubled my order when they were prompting people to do so. If anyone has tried lately and/or knows for sure, please let me know. Thanks.


yeah its too late to add more to jump the line


Dang. Well, thanks for the quick reply.


You could always go the route I went: Ebay


It’s never too late. The earlier you order, the earlier you’ll get your Soylent. But it’s past the deadline to get in on this first round of shipments.