Is it safe to heat Coffeist?


Some people like hot coffee in the morning. So, as a coffee replacement, a natural question would seem to be: Is it safe to heat Coffeist? (An official answer would be great, but unofficial opinions or experiences are welcomed!)

To clarify, I am not asking about whether it is safe or dangerous in the sense of burning a person’s throat, but about the chemical behaviors of Coffeist when heat is applied. Obviously, one must take caution when dealing with a hot liquid and wait for it to reach a palatable temperature before drinking.



It might degrade some of the vitamins but otherwise I don’t know what could be “unsafe” about heating Coffiest. I prefer mine chilled or even semi-frozen.


It’s as safe to heat as any other food is.


When I heat my DIY, it turns into bread pudding.


I vape mine.