Is it safe to mix different oils in advance?


Hello all,

Would any of you know if there could be any negative consequence to mixing a bunch of different oils together?

I use a few different oils (olive, coconut, wheat germ, hemp seed, flaxseed) in my recipe and it would be much more convenient if I could just mix a bunch of them with the right ratio into a large jar.

Could that affect their chemistry and somehow get them to lose vitamins and nutrients?

Thank you for your time.


I’m no expert, but I don’t see any reason why that would be a problem. Go for it! :wink:


I’d recommend shaking it before use, in case the different oils seperate


That’s exactly what official soylent does with the oil blend. Canola and fish oil.

I don’t think there would be any negative effects. Also, once mixed, I think they would stay pretty well mixed with the exception of any parts that solidify like if you store it in the refrigerator.


I premix MCT and EVOO myself. I measure into 2 fl.oz. bottles I got on Amazon. That way I don’t dirty a measuring spin every day. My EVOO bottle is extremely hard to pour without making a mess;I very to ship that too.

Also, with premixing and pre-measuring, your oil has very little chance to oxidize. My 2 ounce bottles have very little air in them, and the original bottles are only opened every two weeks. The EVOO can also be stored in the fridge because I only pour from it every two weeks. It solidifies, so pouring every day would mean refrigeration isn’t an option.


I’m failing to see the efficiency here. Wouldn’t cleaning a measuring spoon be easier than cleaning a tiny bottle? You still end up cleaning one vessel per day (averaged out).

Once every two weeks I funnel EVVO into a smaller dispenser and then measure once a day.

Since I blend every night anyway, I find this to be the fastest.