Is it safe to request an immediate shipment of 1.6?

I just saw that soylent 1.6 was back on the shelves, apparantly. I started my subscription on september 21st, and noticed that it says my next bill date will be the 5th of november. I’ve not been charged or received any yet, so I was wondering if it would double charge me if I hit the “Need more now?” button. Any ideas?

If you select need more now, you will be charged immediately and your subscription date will change to occur on that day, a month in the future. Your product will ship out in 24-48 hours.

So, if you need more now today, your future subscription date would be November 8th.

You should only be charged once - I don’t believe you would be double charged, but in the event you are just send customer service an email, they are really good about correcting any issues.


I hit the “Need More Now” on one of my subs as soon as I heard it was back… arrived today and is chillin’ in my fridge… aaah.

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