Is it safe to share Soylent with the opposite sex?


I may have overlooked this answer elsewhere, but I read that you are developing Soylent formulas specific to gender. Does this mean it is unsafe to share the Soylent I will be ordering with someone of the opposite sex?


It’s not gender-toxic, but if you went a month on a mix made for someone with a different activity level and gender, there’s a good chance you would end up with some deficiency or overage.

Women need more iron than most men, and most men need a bit more protein than most women, and it’s all very much something that works best if you personalize it.


Make sure you use a condom.


Hmmm… I am female and pre-ordered a month’s worth. Was that stupid on my behalf? It never occurred to me that it was a male product, as I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.


Nope, you will eventually get an e-mail asking whether you want the male or female formula and your address.

The recipes aren’t too terribly different from what I read, there are just some micro nutrients that have been adjusted.


@JulioMiles - Can you help @Ash? Also, clarify things for others on the website?