Is it too late to eat my left over 1.2?

I realized that one of my boxes was older than I expected. Can I still have this old Soylent? Technically the printed expiry date is 9/15.
What is it that goes bad? This is a version with the oil in separate containers.

The powder should be fine. Once upon a time they would say it had at least a two year shelf life, but then switched to just one year out of an abundance of caution. The biggest concern with it would be that some nutrients aren’t as potent over time, not so much that it goes rancid or has become inedible.

I don’t know that I’d trust the oil, but it should be obvious if it’s gone bad. Check it before putting it into the batch, if it smells or tastes rancid toss it out and replace it with an equal amount of canola (vegetable) oil, or whatever you prefer. You could also add a couple fish oil pills, but with just one box of 1.2 it’s likely not worth it unless you have them handy, but those pills turn bad too, so if they’re old they may not be any good.

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I’m still eating some 1.3 and it seems totally fine.

edit: 1.3 still has oil bottles

Eat a little and see how it tastes. If it tastes normal then it’s probably fine.

Definitely fine to eat. I had some 1.0 last month and nbd. Was nice to have the taste difference from 1.5.

I am also wondering if version 1.5 can be taken a couple months after expiration. Is it different since it contains oil? Or is it the same concept as taking old OTC pain reliever in that it just loses some potency?