Is Non-Soaked Soylent Unbearable? Methods for transporting Soylent?

I need to find a new way to transport Soylent because being a student who doesn’t live on campus carrying around pre-made Soylent is just inconvenient not to mention I have to find a way to keep it cold etc. Because I am very active on these forums I Knew before I had my soylent to soak overnight, add salt, and add oil after the soak so I have never tried it and I don’t want to make whole batch right before a meal and end up not liking it. Can you guys give me some insight as to what ways you transport your Soylent and let me know if Soylent is really that bad if it’s not soaked.

I’ve done a single meal mix & drank immediately. While not the best defiantly palatable. A little more chew. As for carry around you should check out the keeping Soylent cold thread. I would link it here but not that skilled. Help!


Here you go:

Keeping Un-refrigerated Soylent Cold

and another:

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I would say it’s drinkable when just mixed, but definitely preferable to let it soak and carry a thermos with you instead.


I never soak, personally. I mix everything up the morning of, and I love it. Different people have different experiences, though, so trying is the only way you can know for sure.