Is official Soylent turning out to be the time saver you imagined?


I can compare it to the pre mixed DIY I got from Axcho…Very convenient and a huge timesaver…

Funny thing was that towards the end of the batch I had, I was even finding a way to complain about the insanely minimal amount of prep I was doing…

That basically included washing the pitcher, pouring some water into the pitcher, pouring a bag of powder into the pitcher, using a hand blender to mix the powder and water in the pitcher, measuring out a total of 6 tablespoons of olive and mct oil and pouring that into the pitcher, filling the pitcher to the top with water and mixing that then capping the pitcher and storing it in the fridge on it’s side on a small dishtowel…Daily.

Oh the horror!

Man I can’t wait to get more.


Yeah, I have to confess that I get annoyed about spending half an hour each week making up bags of DIY. I make 7 days worth of food more or less in 30 minutes aside from washing out my containers daily and 30 seconds of immersion blending every morning or two, but it is getting annoying. How lazy can I get?


To give a more complete answer though -

DIY soylent doesn’t actually save ME much time. I used to warm up some company provided oatmeal for breakfast and eat leftovers for lunch. Neither of which was time consuming to prepare and bring to work. However, it has saved the family time because we have leftovers available for dinner pretty regularly now (whereas before, once I took my lunch there was often not enough for the whole family to eat it for dinner). I think we cook at least one if not two fewer nights a week as a result. That is not insignificant, especially with me training for the Virginia Super Spartan coming up next weekend.


I can honestly say that official Soylent has saved me lots of time already. Let me give some examples:

  1. Breakfast always seems to take me some time to make. I like to focus on protein in the morning, so eggs and a couple pieces of bacon or sausage, with a piece of toast. Since I mixed the Soylent the night before, I’m saving a full half hour every morning. I still am able to sit down and talk about things with my wife and kids too, just sipping Soylent instead of the muggle food.

  2. On the road right now (see my videos in another thread) and the typical breakfast is down to the buffet, where I overeat every time, sit and wait for a server, get my food, eat, wait for my check and then head back up to the room or out. An hour easy. This morning, I poured my Soylent and got right to work. Felt full and didn’t eat 1500 calories of crap food.

I’m sure your original question was related to the time savings gap between DYI and Official Soylent, but thought I would throw my own personal ROI in as a comparison.


Nope I wasn’t referring to the gap…Your answer was just the type I was looking for…Thanks


Like @Melon_Collie I didn’t spend too much time cooking food. The savings I noticed first was that in the morning I would just get up, shower, grab my soylent from the fridge and drive to work. It shaved twenty minutes off plus less traffic earlier in the morning.

The down side so far is the amount of time it takes to make 7-9 days worth. It’s not that bad but I never spent that long making anything. Of course that time is spread out over 7-9 days so it isn’t really a bad thing.


Wow, you’ve got it down to a science! I usually make my bags on Sunday, but damn if it doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes, lol.


I has been taking longer than 30 minutes, but that’s because I’m trying other things. I should be getting real Soylent soon so if that goes well I won’t even have that prep time. If not, my next step is to make 7-9 days in a single container instead of 1 for each day. Right now it’s not worth playing with to make it any faster.


Is official Soylent turning out to be the time saver you imagined?

I would have to say “no”, as I ordered mine over a year ago and it hasn’t even shown up yet.



I just made my first 4 day batch (what one bag of Oat Flour is good for, so no measuring that ingredient at all, just dump in a bag). It worked out pretty well. Shaking the container with just the oat flour and Whey protein might be necessary to even fit 5 days in my container. 4 works pretty well for me since I go through basically 2 days worth every 3 days (2 meals a day) and often only eat 1 days worth on the weekends. It was seriously nice not to have to micro measure each of the smaller ingredients. However, I have a lot of capsules and that wasn’t easier anymore. I think I’ll probably switch to psyllium husk POWDER now not capsules because 16 capsules was annoying. However, I’ll use up the bottle I have first. My recipe is pretty much exactly 3.5 cups per day so it’s a really easy measure to pull when I want to mix up a batch with the liquids.


When normalized for a whole week or preparation: yes.

DIY Soylent: every Sunday I would spend a bunch of time, but I had time. Sunday is laundry and loaf around the house day.

Rosa Labs Soylent: Now I spend five minutes after work preparing the next day, and most of that time is spent yelling at my cats.

No matter what, it beats cooking a big ol’ pot o’ spaghetti of dubious nutritional value or whatever other waste of time I invested in.


Yes. Time, and money! And I do DIY.


yes, i use the pitcher and make my entire day the previous night.

hot water + soylent powder + oil, shake for 5 seconds, stow in fridge. takes less than 5 minutes to prepare the entire day of food.


You and me both, dude.


That’s what I need to do, I’m just concerned that the micros won’t mix evenly and I won’t get what I need daily. It sure would make prep easier though. I usually make my bags on Sunday for the week.

Yes, the psyllium husk powder is much more convenient…that’s what I use too. How do you get your omega 3? I use a 3-6-9 oil, but if there’s a powder, I’d prefer it.


I can’t wait to hear your experience with Soylent vs your DIY. What do you use in your recipe?


I have Chia seeds which gives me ALA (which isn’t fantastic) but I add 2-3 capsules of fish oil at oil mixing time (I found if you take a sharp knife and puncture at the seam of the pill, it works pretty well and doesn’t explode all over. I do not have it in a powdered form.


Time saver? yes, definitely. It hasn’t been anywhere near the health benefits I was hoping/expecting especially compared to other forum members reports.


(Off topic reply…)

I’m doing a slightly modified People Chow. Loved it from the beginning. I’ve started adding milk (god I love milk), chia powder and some acacia (soluble fiber) as well. Oddly enough I’m getting more calories than I need but really haven’t gained much weight. One of my goals was to gain a little weight. When I was “pure” DIY at 2000 calories a day I was about 162 pounds. With extra stuff in DIY and eating some muggle food I’ve stayed pretty steady to 171 pounds. I seem like my body likes this weight. I think I naturally exercise more to get rid of the extra calories.