Is (or plan to) Soylent going public with stock


Being post Bariatric this would be a wonderful solution. I have lost 140 lbs and am at my goal weight. I have ordered Soylent and would like to invest as well. What are your plans?


Yes please go public i would love some stock in your company.


I agree, I have an interest in how Soylent could grow. I foresee big things for this line of products. I wanna see it in major stores! 7-11 was an excellent move.


I suspect it’s going to be a fairly long while before there’s a Soylent IPO, if ever. The entire market is still too new and small given what it could be, I think there’s a lot more proving to do before any big firms would see Soylent as a smart IPO candidate.


Personally hope Soylent doesn’t go public/stock


Me too. I think that going public emphasizes the profit side of a business, and customers start being outvoted by investors. As a customer, I am more interested in the benefit of Soylent, and less interested in how much money it makes.