Is Pond Scum the Future of Food?

Interesting Soylent alternative

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Actually took a second to find their website.


this looks interesting, sad there are no nutrition details on the nonfood site.
$3 per Bar is kinda steep.

Thanks for the link. I googled and couldn’t find the link initially. (I had just assumed they didn’t have one yet.)

I just sent them an email asking about how many calories are in their non/bar.

Their response:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your question.

We are still finalizing the formulation so it could change a bit. But with our 80 g bar it will be approximately 240 calories. It is a low carb formulation so most of the calories are coming from protein and fats.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

All best,

So if you want 2,000 calories from these bars, it would cost you $25. In comparison, Soylent powder costs $7.71 for 2,000 calories.

I agree with @darcdragon, creating a bar purely from algae and duckweed sounds intriguing as a treat, but it’s far too expensive for practical daily use. More than 3 times more expensive than Soylent powder just isn’t worth it.

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Thanks for the info about the calorie content. For Canadians, the current price for Food Bar is $2.30 USD per 250 kcal with a subscription.

Algae and many others use it without problems

and is literally accepted as safe by the FDA

i mean the bars have been gone for how many months now? should tell you everything about soylent’s blaim/claim last year without any proof. should be easy to reformulate one ingredient shouldnt it?

meanwhile 20 million portions have been served without any problem

Since it is still early perhaps their pricing will come down once economies of scale kick in when they start selling?

Definitely too expensive to live off at that price, but I might order a few just to try.