Is RFI Still on Schedule?


As much as I hate fishing for responses from @JulioMiles and @rob Its been 2 months since we got a real production schedule update. The information we got was the first step in the process would take 6-8 weeks. Well, it has been 8 weeks now. Has RFI received all of the raw ingredients as planned?

I’m aware that they’re likely able to do a massive amount of this in parallel but, even if they’re just waiting on one ingredient, they’ll obviously still need to do the 2-3 weeks of testing and further 3-4 weeks of blending with only 1 single ingredient holding them up.

I’m not looking for a huge, in-depth post (though I wouldn’t complain…), but rather a simple answer to if RFI has received all of their ingredients yet. I realize RFI is a separate company and probably doesn’t keep your apprised of every bit of progress they make, but surely a milestone of receiving all items should be something they’ve either informed you of or would feel comfortable letting you know if asked.


I have loved the last 4 updates, but I am also concerned about the schedule.

Especially because those last four updates could have really been written in one day, over a month ago and then scheduled to be released each Friday and we didn’t get a new one this last Friday.

If we aren’t even able to keep regularly scheduled fluff posts going, what is going on with everything else?


I can’t say that I am particularly concerned about the lack of updates this month. All the the largest businesses grind to a halt around this time of year—why would we expect any better of a bunch of kids running their first startup?


Their scheduling originally had them shipping on the 6th, and while I realize they eventually revised it, I find it amusing that they’d expected other companies to keep chugging along during the holidays but not do so themselves.


Well hey, if prior timeline adjustments are any indication, if there is in fact another delay, at least it will only be about half as long as the last one.

…and then the next one will be half that… and the next, half again…

Oh no! Soylent is doomed to be eternally in an imminent shipping state! Curse you, Zeno! Curse you and every last one of your arrows and turtles! :frowning:


They revised it? Where


A couple weeks after they posted the schedule saying it would be arriving on the 6th they posted a revised schedule saying it would be delivered during January:

[quote=“Rosa Labs”]We also received some feedback from supporters regarding the latest update in projected shipping dates. These projections, based on estimates provided by our co-packer, should have been a range of dates rather than distilled to a single day, and we want to provide a more clear summary of our current projections now:

Ordered 1+ months of Soylent: January 2014
Original campaign supporter (May 21 - June 25): January 2014
All other domestic orders: February 2014
International orders: Q1 2014 [/quote]

Its likely you may just disregarded the original estimate and just accepted their “January 2014” schedule as their original.

Edit: Original as in actually having contracts to back up their numbers, instead of guesses based upon similar products of similar quantities.


Certainly can’t fault you for wanting an update and being vocal about it, @Daiceman! We got a status update from RFI earlier this week and will be posting on the blog by early next week, once we’re all back from our respective holiday visits home (@joshua, while this technically isn’t our first startup, you are entirely correct in that we’ve been off this week).

Happy holidays everyone!