Is Rob actually on Soylent 1.0?


I have a few reasons why he might not be actually using what is being shipped:

  • We have come to find out that there isn’t enough sodium in Soylent 1.0. So, either Rob started adding salt before we were told it needed more salt or he isn’t on the same recipe
  • Soylent 1.0 had a ton of manufacturer snafus – the suppliers kept getting switched out and such. Therefore, if he was on Soylent 1.0 he would have at least had to have switched once the suppliers were finalized
  • The last update I remember where Rob said he was playing with the formula was way back when he added sulphur. I think that was like a year ago – about when I ordered my currently-delayed Soylent order. We haven’t heard any updates so perhaps that means he’s still on whatever that recipe was, before everything was finalized.
  • Even on the Colbert Report he didn’t actually drink the Soylent 1.0 that was mixed there.

So, is there any update on whether or not Rob is using what is shipping? When did he switch?

NOTE: I’m not asking for dates that haven’t happened yet, just a history to this point so I can understand whether or not backers are expected to drink a completely untested recipe (from a blood work standpoint, for example).


Most likely he is using some 1.X version. He’s probably testing new ingredients or processes.


yeah personally I would expect him to always be on some sort of “alpha/beta” formula since he’s always been his own #1 guinea pig.


It’s possible his diet before Soylent was not as high in sodium as others’ were, which would result in him being less affected by the lower sodium intake. I believe it was stated somewhere earlier that if you have a high sodium diet then the drastic change to low sodium could result in headaches or feeling sick. So if his diet was already lower sodium maybe it would not make a huge difference?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I believe he just got his shipment confirmation email…


Strangely, My diet before Soylent was very high in sodium. When I switched to Soylent, but before I started adding salt, my sodium intake was drastically reduced but I did not have any problems with headaches or feeling sick or anything else.


I don’t have the link handy at the moment, but he recently talked about his then current recipe being tested, it was a completely powdered version without oils added, the fats were powdered. I may have seen him mention it in the fireside chat, or maybe an interview somewhere.

I imagine he still uses 1.0 for at least some of his intake, but will continue testing new variations.


I doubt he is drinking this sweetened vanillin mixture.


He could be eating a Soylent Apple (Soylent v3.0) but can’t figure out how to duplicate the tree and that v2.0 can’t be concocted safely within earth’s gravity field.

Of course he could just be doing what ever he wants to do. Haven’t heard him say that he’s quit.


Why? Because (I guess) you find it unpalatable? It’s the only soylent I’ve tried so far that I like. (Perhaps Soylent will one day be made in a variety of flavor types.)


Yeah I don’t see any reason to assume Rob isn’t drinking a “sweetened” mixture. I find it extremely mild and very pleasant. If they were to reduce the “sweetness” any, I probably wouldn’t be able to consume it.


I read, either in the ‘fireside chat with rob ‘or the’ other questions for soylent team’ thread, that rob was using a 1.x formula. He is testing out new things to make it better. I don’t specifically remember what the post said his most recent experiment was but I know they have talked about it.


From what I’ve seen of Rob that is the impression I have. Simple as that.
And yes, I am not a fan of the sweetness. You guessed correctly there. I can’t understand how people can tolerate every meal being sweet. For me this isn’t just subtly sweet, it is overpowering. Having made a pretty similar-to-Soylent DIY soylent mix that excluded any added sweetener I much more prefer the “natural” sweetness that comes from the carbohydrates that are already present and REQUIRED.

Most people are pissed about being “lied” to about shipping. I feel ripped off because Soylent was supposed to be everything the body needs and nothing else. Clearly this is no longer the case.


Also not a fan of the sweetness. I added some dark chocolate cocoa powder (bitter) to cut the sweetness. It’s much better now.


This is the problem with trying to make something that is “one size fits all” with regards to flavor. It’s impossible.


They did promiss a flavor neutral Soylent and vanilla flavor is not neutral… At least not with the almost 2 gram of vanillin.


I guess there’s a big distinction between “neutral” and “bland”. If Soylent tasted like flavorless powder… I can’t imagine very many people would ever have given it a second thought. To me it doesn’t even taste like what I can genuinely call “vanilla” anymore. That was just the first thing my brain could latch onto. It really doesn’t taste like anything other than Soylent. It has its own flavor, and I would call it “mild” more than “neutral” personally.


You can’t really make any judgement based on the amount of Vanillin alone. If you put 2g of Vanillin in a glass of water that would be much sweeter than putting 2g of vanillin in a something that is very bitter.

Soylent without the Vanillin was reported so bitter it was undrinkable.

You need to find a balance and maybe they just opted for something a little more on the sweet side to make sure it wouldn’t taste bitter to anyone.

The strange thing is I have some vanilla extract at home and I think that smell great, but it doesn’t really smell like Soylent does.


I’m really surprised at the amount of people that have a problem with the taste/sweetness. I found it to be very bland and neutral but not in a bad way. After reading this message board a lot before I tried it I expected it to have a much more distinct/powerful taste. Maybe my taste buds are just shot or people have super taste buds on here. Although as someone who isn’t gassy at all otherwise the foul smelling gas lived up to the hype no matter how I consumed it.


I can pick out ingredients in foods, especially baked goods. I measured my taste buds about a month ago and found my count was higher than the baseline for super tasters. This leads me to believe I may be tasting things that some are not.

Grew up in a bakery, too. So already burned out on pretty much every baked sweet thing you could think of.