Is Soylent another Darwin trick?


At the end of this month, I will have been on Soylent for a solid 10 months. I average 4 out or 5 shakes a day, and I consume around 2 regular meals a week.

There has been something that I have noticed, and I discussed it with a friend of mine that is on Soylent and he noticed the problem as well. Our bodies don’t get hungry like they used to. It’s like our natural urge to eat is now gone.
When on regular food, when you don’t eat for a while you get hungry. You begin to crave food, and then you go and eat. You could miss a meal and it was no big deal, you were just hungry. If you missed two meals then you were really hungry or famished.
But on Soylent I don’t have that hunger urge. If I miss a shake, or 3 I don’t crave food, and I don’t crave Soylent. Granted my stomach may grumbled a bit, but that is all. After a while my body will begin to revolt, I’ll get migraines, I’ll become lethargic, but I still have no inclination to eat anything (Regular food or Soylent). It has gotten to the point where I am forcing myself to eat. I usually try and consume a shake every 3 hours, but I am consuming the shakes because of the time rather than a hunger necessity. I plan on finding a reminder app for my phone that can remind me to eat, else I just won’t eat.

I mainly have this malnutrition problem during my fits of insomnia. Mainly because I have not figured out or planned for staying up all night, so I don’t know what or how much I should eat. So if I don’t sleep at night, then I also don’t consume any extra calories at night.
I did an experiment last week with this, and I prepared 2 extra shakes a day that I kept in the refrigerator. Staying up most of the nights last week, I literally had to force myself to go consume my shakes. And when consuming the shakes it normally took me a couple of hours to down one shake, rather than my usual 15 or 20 minutes.

So now I have to pose the question. Since I am no longer craving food or Soylent to survive. Is Soylent a Darwin trick to weed out the disinclined? Meaning if I don’t force myself to eat, will nature take it’s course and allow me to starve to death?


If these results are consistently achievable, Rob is going to make a billion dollars selling Soylent as a weight-loss program.


The Copy of Diet V4.1 tab


10 months! First off, congratulations for being the Soylent Man. Secondly, thanks for an excellent post. These are exactly the types of observations I want to see from all us Soylenters. Thirdly, I think the fact that you’re asking the question will prevent you from becoming a victim of food apathy. And lastly, I pray to God that I experience the same results after 10 months on Soylent! :slight_smile:


I find this phenomenon you have reported as both deeply concerning and wildly fascinating. I would dislike Soylent to become a vehicle for producing spindly-armed noodle people, but… the SCIENCE!

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of folks could stand to lose some weight for health reasons. I’m just a little concerned about the image of the product if it goes a bit too far past “some weight” towards “all weight”.

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Pulled from an article from an article:

…part of the process of masticating and chewing food releases hormones that control your appetite.

Maybe try chewing gum either before or after you consume your soylent? It sounds nuts, but considering how far off of an effect this is, this may be the ‘missing component,’ and your body may put higher stock in this apparent hormone release than others.


@HarveyDesu & the friend he mentioned:

  1. Has your weight changed significantly in the 10 months you’ve been on soylent?

  2. Have you had any blood tests done? If so, we’re there any differences between before and after soylent? Showing any overages or deficiencies on recent ones?

  3. Other than the lack of appetite, have you noticed any other major changes. E.g. amount of sleep you get/need, mood, energy levels, etc?

I’m sure we all have a million questions for someone that’s been on soylent for so long, but those are the first ones that came to mind. :slight_smile:


In this case maybe this would be a good idea.


That is a very odd and concerning effect. It may be due to consuming soylent, it may be due to some flaw in your recipe, it could be some unrelated issue that effects appetite in general. Have you consulted a doctor?


@JadelyJade - I’m not seeing why home-baked dog treats is a good idea?

On the other hand (or, for JadelyJade’s sake, paw :wink: ), these might be:

Or otherwise cooked or baked Soylent items -, so long as there isn’t too much of a nutrition loss in the baking process -


I think @JadelyJade just meant to use the dog-treat-machine to bake soylent.

Though that does bring to question what other kind of shaped pressure cooking methods there are available that S/soylent could take advantage of.


Feel free to ask away.
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  1. My weight has not changed. When I was first on Soylent I was exercising 4 times a week. I had some complications with my wisdom teeth back in October and I became quite ill. Sadly, I haven’t been able to fully integrate exercise into my daily routine as of yet.

  2. I have had a handful of blood tests done. Each time I have an overage or a deficiency in something random. I have slightly been altering my recipe after each test. I do need to go in for another blood test and see.

  3. I am and have always been an insomniac. One of the big issues I find with Soylent is that I don’t know what to do when I don’t sleep. I am expelling extra energy through out the night, but I am not consuming any more calories. Also without the hunger pains, I do not remember to eat until my alarm goes off in the morning.
    Energy is pretty stable. I don’t really have any highs or lows. Although I have found that I am less and less a morning person. It’s not that my mood has changed, but more along the lines of my old habits have become stronger. I find that I prefer to take short naps in the morning and late afternoon and then stay up all night.
    As for my mood I have found myself to be more aggressive, especially when I don’t sleep. Along with the aggression I am more irritbale as well. At first I thought it was caused by my noopept (recethams can have that affect) but I removed those from my Soylent months ago. Both of those could also be caused by the extra stresses I have at work.

As for mastication, I masticate daily. I chew on Jolly Ranchers and Big Red daily. While I do not consume the vast amounts candy that I used to, but I may go through 5 or 6 Jolly Ranchers a day. I mainly use them as breath mints, or if I belch any of the fish oil.

One new sympton that recently arose with my diet that I figured I would mention. I took a vacation to a remote cabin for 4 days. In those 4 days I did not consume any Soylent, but I did consume regular food. While on the regular food, I could not eat enough. I felt like I was starving to death the whole time, it didn’t matter how much I ate, I just never felt satiated. After my first Soylent shake all of that hunger dissapated and I have been back to normal for over a week now.


That is the craziest thing. I mean, something like that is worthy of a study. Very interesting stuff.


To give an example of the food that I was consuming in those 4 days:
1 full box of lucky charms
1 full gallon of milk
3 cups of non-cooked rice per day (I cooked the rice, it was just 3 cups worth of non cooked)
7 potatoes (in a stew)
2 lbs of stew meat (in a stew)
1 Dariry Queen 6 piece chicken strip meal
1 MIghty Kahn (largest) size of Mongonlian BBQ
1 family sized bag of Doritos
1 regular bag of Cheddar and Sour Cream Lays potatoe chips
1 full serving of Bisquick pancakes
1/2 package of bacon
6 scrambled eggs
I think I also had a box of cookies, the chewy cookies in the red bag. I forget what they are called.

All of that was consumed between Monday at around 2 PM and Thursday at around 11 AM. I had my last Soylent shake at Monday at around noon and started my Soylent at around 2 PM on Thursday.


Doing some vaguely unreleated research to the hunger aspect of this topic I may have found something interesting.

There is a hormone that is created in the stomach called Ghrelin. This appears to be a hunger inducing hormone. Meaning lower levels of ghrelin and higher levels of leptin cause you to not want food, or not crave food. Yes, these hormones have been used, successuflly, as a dieting methond.
It’s possible that I have lower levels of ghrelin in my system while on Soylent, and that is why I am not becoming hungry.
I have two possible solutions to this problem:

  1. I could try and find a synthetic form of ghrelin. It appears that they acutally exist, but the little reading I have done on the synthetic version it appears that they need to be injected into the blood stream rather than consumed. I will do more research into this to figure out if there is a possible ingestable version of ghrelin.
  2. I could make my Soylent taste better. Ghrelin is also considered a reward connection. Meaning that your ghrelin levels increase when you eat something that tastes good, making your body wanting more. I am unsure if it is related to seratonin or endorphin levels in the brain, but it seems logical that it may.
    Currently my Soylent tastes alright. It tastes a lot better than it used to, but by not means does it taste so good that I can’t live with out it. So in theory if I made my Soylent taste better, say like bacon or something, it may increase my ghrelin levels and I may begin to crave it and become hungry again.
    On another note, when I tried my friends Soylent, I found it tasted atrocious. I am unsure how he is able to consume his day after day.

There is one hole to my ghrelin theory, and that is lower levels of ghrelin are associated with sleepiness. This is why the body produces leptin during a sleep state, it is to decrease your appetite so that you are able to sleep better. Since for the most part I am an insomniac that may not be the case. But then again, I am not hungry during my fits of insomnia, so it is still plausible that I have too much leptin, or too little ghrelin in my system.

I am curious how Soylent affects these two hormones. It appears in my body it has an adverse effect.


Why would losing weight create “spindly-armed noodle people” less weight would allow people to work out more. Walk more. Do everything more. Soylent has ALL if the nutrients you need and in the right ratios. This should make getting in shape easier not more difficult.


Allow != motivate. While it’s true that it’s great to supplement getting in shape, it has to be equally true that it could also be used to sit around the house doing nothing. It’s a tool, and tools can be used to either positive or negative effect.


What’s happening to you is concerning and scary, and I think seeking medical attention would be a good idea.

But, regarding insomnia, check out light therapy if you haven’t already. A regular sleep schedule does wonders.


Take a camping trip. Being exposed to sunrise and sunset for a period of days should reset your internal clock, causing your body to release melatonin at the proper times.


I was mostly joking that if it keeps people from getting hungry they would stop eating entirely and end up malnourished. When someone is malnourished working out doesn’t help keep muscle… you atrophy as your body consumes whatever nutrients are “available” within your own body.