Is Soylent being made by an evil empire?


I let the data do the talking.

You’ve all been warned.

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Except that data predates the Rob’s original blog by 2 years. I find a stronger correlation with Monsanto:


That’s just it. This was all setup years ago!

On a serious note, I remember an article from a year or so back that was suggesting the Soylent crowdfunding was just a publicity stunt for a remake of Soylent Green (the movie rights have been bought recently).

It was oddly convincing, given that it was just asking a bunch of unanswered (but somewhat unimportant) questions to make everything seem suspicious. One of the central points was that Rob didn’t exist online until late 2012. I still find this interesting today. Here’s a guy specifically educated in electrical engineering and all things computers, and yet he hasn’t so much as a twitter or youtube? No mention of his name anywhere prior to 2012? Maybe he just used aliases, being the tech savvy guy he is and knowing how sensitive online activities could someday be to someones reputation.

It was an amazing article and I suspect only half serious. I wish I could find it. I want to say it was Verge? Or some new news site that is predominately younger tech journalists.


I remember an article like that too, though I didn’t know Rob had no prior web presence.

My conspiricy sense is tingling… perhaps he’s traveled from the future to prevent world famine? They found the answers to late to fix it in his time, so he had to build a time machine and come to our time to make it right. Anyone see any purple goo?

Or… or he’s a newly birthed android bent on world domination! Soylent is the first step in our indoctrination into his servitude!


The guy we know as Rob Rhinehart is just an actor, he is Monsanto’s Mandarin.


Go on…


Unless you can weave in the 9/11 truther movement, the moon landing hoax, and something about vaccinations causing autism, I’m not buying it.


I hope all the comments in here are non-serious.


That’s what they want you to believe…


Me too, especially this one.


They are on to us! Get the car and meet me around front!


I’m on it! Don’t forget the death ray, on your way out!


Don’t leave the lizard people behind. Burn the studies showing how fluoride causes mind control.




Holy crap I never thought this would be relevant again!

(They’re shredding documents in the back room)



From that article, I like how they were questioning whether Rob was even a real person:

Is Rob Rhinehart a real person? He’s got a blog, a Twitter account, and a Youtube channel, but none of these stretch back further than March of 2012. Shouldn’t a tech-student/entrepreneur have a wider web presence before a year ago? Also, why is his Youtube user name robertrose07? Is Rose his middle name, or is it an alias? (On the other hand, he does have a Facebook profile using the last name Rhinehart that dates back to 2005.)


Shall we split the winnings? Say… 1 penny each?


Maybe the article wasn’t convincing, but I think mostly I just didn’t want to believe it.


why agent spiff whaaaaaaaaaaay?