Is Soylent catching on?

I’m wondering how sales of the products are going. Is it catching on in a big way? Who primarily is into it? Most of the people I have introduced it to have not been too excited by it - most folks are very attached to their favorite foods. On the surface at least, it looks like the company is doing well. There certainly have been enough copycats. I’m wondering if the honchos are happy with how the company is growing and developing.


College Students, Folks in STEM fields, and Gamers. We do very well with them as they are the core group we started with. We have yet to really push outside this market as it’s so large we still have room to grow within the space. That being said look out for 2018, we have some exciting plans in the works.


It’s a growing niche, but still a pretty small one.

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Yep. It’s a small start, but it couldn’t be any other way. College students are the sweet spot for the future. They become adults and have kids! The big hurdle is breaking through the “drinking to eat” weirdness. That is happening now. Notice how we don’t have a bunch of people on the forum telling us we will die because we are using Soylent? Fantasy is slowly eroded by reality…


Has RL considered marketing Soylent to campers/hikers/cyclists? I ask because I use it for those things (as you might be able to tell from my name here), and it is very useful. I can’t think of something more efficient to bring along in a backpack for a short trip.


I wonder if RF has tried to sell or advertise Soylent with REI? It sounds like a natural fit.

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To make my own unscientific guess.

I see the soylent market (all brands, powder, drinks and bars) being 30% of what people eat, growing slow but steady over the next 30 to 40 years.

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In my office it is at least. When I started working here a few years ago we got a new hire and we asked him repeatedly if he wanted to come to lunch with us, which he always politely declined. Curiosity got the best of one of my co-workers and he decided to approach the new guy about his “lunch”. He didn’t really want to talk about it, he just left it at “I’m weird and I drink my lunch”. Well if you knew my co-worker you would know that answer wouldn’t suffice for long. He pushed and pushed and eventually he learned what Soylent was and decided he wanted to try, he was the second with a subscription. I mocked them both playfully deciding I loved my relationship with food and would never change that. By the time I was pushing 230 pounds (which is not good at 5’7") I had decided that I was going to give it the old college try. I however jumped in with both feet and became the third subscriber. It made me wish I had started it sooner, I am still a little overweight but 180 is way better than 230, and it still comes off slowly. Human nature is to see how something works and then imitate it, so when my other coworkers started seeing what Soylent was doing for me some of them also jumped on board. Currently we have 6 Soylent subscribers in our office of about 30, so is it catching on? I would say so.


In commercial arts and it has to be gathering steam as perfect for deadlines. Beyond ecstatic that Soylent has a presence at Fan Expo Canada! Hope you guys will be handing out trials through artists alleys at these conventions.

Do you also have a good idea of:

  • Where it’s not catching on
  • Where it will never catch on

Sometimes I feel like, as a company, Soylent underestimates how important food is to the lives of people, but maybe that’s changed?

Yes, and we do some work with them. For example we sponsored a Kayaker who solo kayaked and hiked a very rough part of Northern Canada. She survived on 80% 1.8. The issue is finite resources. At our current size it just makes more sense to grab demographics that are not to far removed from our initial base.


I think sales will always be somewhat limited if using soy protein for the protein source.

Its never been a barrier in our research. We won’t switch to a non sustainable protein source just because of sales. Soy offers a lot of other benefits to the product as well, such as flavor and texture.


I see Soy milk for sale in every supermarket I ever go to, so it’s hard for me to believe that soy is widely rejected.


What is your idea of a better and/or more popular protein source?

I recently listened to a podcast that debunked some of the anti-soy stories floating around.

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Sales will always be somewhat limited when using specific ingredients… because there’s someone who’s against any given ingredient.


This oat protein looks exciting. I think Ambronite might be using this in their product, not sure though:

Soylent got me thru Irma here in Florida haha…though my family thought i was crazy…i still like it better when its cold though haha (we lost power)


Atkins drinks and bars once got me through a seven day ice-storm power outage. I try to keep a few weeks worth of Soylent on hand just in case a hurricane or another ice storm catches me like that again.


Nice! Keep at it, bro.