Is Soylent considered a multi-vitamin?


As a result of having mild sinusitis I have been prescribed Doxycycline.

The pharmacist suggested that this not be eaten with iron, calcium, or multivitamin tablets. It must also be taken with food.

If you are only on Soylent, this could prove difficult, if Soylent is considered a multi-vitamin.

Therein lies my question, given the source and concentration of vitamins in Soylent, could or should Soylent be considered the equivalent to a multi-vitamin or simply like a regular meal?

Appreciate any insight.


I’m definitely no authority on the matter but my understanding has always been that Soylent is simply food, albeit much more perfectly balanced food than you can get any other way. Multivitamins typically have many many times the RDA of whatever their vitamin is. But perhaps others can chime in more authoritatively…


Iron inhibits the uptake of doxycycline - that’s why they’re meant to be taken separately (so that the body has time to absorb one before the other). The combination is not harmful - it just makes the doxycycline less effective. If I were you, I’d try and take the doxycycline along with a bit less than a meal’s worth of Soylent (perhaps a breakfast-portion or something?) - that should be comparable with the amount of iron in a good meal.


Thanks a lot! That really helps.


I should clarify that I’m not a doctor - I have taken tetracycline-type antibiotics before, but that’s the limit of my experience. I’m just exercising common sense :smiley: if you’re worried, you should talk to someone with medical training.


I’ve taken doxcycline before. It really messes you up if you take it on an empty stomach. I’d suggest eating some soylent, waiting an hour or two, and then taking it. Based upon my shallow research, taking it with milk/yogurt (high in calcium) won’t completely negate most of the effects of doxycycline, if at all. As usual, IANADoctor.


< i am not a doctor >

The pharmacist suggested that this not be eaten with iron, calcium, or multivitamin tablets. It must also be taken with food.

The warning is obviously about having too much a level of any one of those. Your Pharmacist did tell you to eat food.
If you aren’t supposed to eat some certain food your Pharmacist would have told you that – and and your Pharmacist did by telling you not to eat the vitamin tablets.


I’d considered Soylent more like a fortified food. It’s really not that much different than white bread which these days has niacin and often calcium added to it.

IANADoctor but when I’d start to worry is when a doctor shied me away from certain vitamin rich foods. Like “don’t take this medicine with a steak dinner/banana/milk” type thing.