"Is Soylent for people or cyborgs?"


via PhillyVoice.com: “Is Soylent for people or cyborgs?


“Our animalistic tendency to enjoy eating is precisely what Rhinehart and his Silicon Valley champions are determined to stamp out.”

This is of course a lie. Amazing how uninhibited some people are in their quest to make things up.


Oh boy… The first line tells you what you’re in for on this one…

…further on we find…

“I feel like I’ve adopted the diet of a dystopian future man and it’s not a pleasant one,” he laments to his cameraman. (Merchant said) [/quote]

…and of course no article like this would be complete until we find out…


Shameful. Typical “cyborgs aren’t people” bigotry.


The carbon unit does not appreciate our sustenance.


Neither, it’s for androids. Didn’t the author see Alien? They’re full of milky white substance!


What a curious image to use for a Soylent article. That looks like sand mixed with pepper and blood pressure medication. I hope people don’t seriously see that and go “ew, Soylent looks gross”


Soylent 0.1 wasn’t the best.