Is Soylent giving me tennis elbow?


I keep wondering about this and I kept meaning to post this for feedback so here goes.

Do we need to worry about repetitive use injuries with Soylent?

I used to have 1 or 2 protein shakes that I would shake up a couple of times a week. But now I am using a shaker several times a day.
Even with my pre shaken Soylent I will reshake it several times while I am drinking it to make sure everything is still mixed properly. I have 4 shakes a day, and I probably spend a good 10 minutes a day just shaking my Soylent before consumption.
I was actually debating about investing in a paint shaker to assist with this borderline OCD shaking.

I am still fairly young and dumb, so I am not really concerned about it affecting me anytime soon.


I bought one of these. Perfect for blending and taking on the go. Plus it can replace your normal blender (if you have one).


if your initial blending is good enough (about 1min for me), it wont be a problem. Even if its not totally even, you wont miss anything as long as you drink all of it. I just shake if for 5-10 sec before a ‘meal’ and no problems at all. Don’t worry about it.


10 minutes of excercise isn’t THAT much. ^.^
If you are worried, alternate your shaking arms, shake downwards a bit, etc. :smiley:


try doing that right after arms day in gym… :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. Some days it’s pretty hard.

But after I think about this more, I realize that my recipe is probably quite a bit thicker than most. I’ll try breaking mine out into one more shake a day and see if that helps.
As I said I am not too concerned about this now, but doing this day and day out made me think of possible consequences later on.


What kinda shaker do you have? Blender Bottles are pretty cheap and definitely worth it for mixing. It’s so much easier to get a nice mix with one than those like freebie bottles they give away with protein.


I’m using the Blender Bottles now. I am actually going to pick up 2 more Blender Bottles today.
Clean up of the Blender Bottles is really easy too. That was the main reason I moved away from the blender. Also at the time the blender was giving me about the same consistency that the blender bottles was giving me.


That’s what you get for doing a bodypart split, Mr. 80s.


got any better ideas?
links would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


Push/pull, full-body, one main lift a day plus accessories (a la 5/3/1)…


alright I’ll look into that, thanks :slight_smile:


Listen to this man, he knows what he’s on about!


I normally do 2 mains a day altering days (Upper body one day the Lower body the next). I also usually add in a minor or two as well for somewhat of super sets.


How many lower-body lifts do you do? All I have is squats and deadlifts.


What are you goals? If you’re just looking to get stronger, squats and deadlifts are perfect for that.


Usually my main goal is to gain weight. But as of right now I don’t really have a goal. Just kind of floating seeing how the Soylent thing goes.
I will probably go back to my squat gainer later this year, as I put on a ridiculous amount of weight quickly when I did that. But my sports career is over, so not really sure if I need to put on the weight I had originally wanted to.

For my lower body it is normally free squats with a follow up of leg press or hack squats on a machine. I find that the leg press works my gluts and hams more than the actual squats do. Probably because of my height I don’t quite fit on the leg press machine so I am using weird muscle groups.
I also tend to do a lot of calf raises. It’s an old habit from when I was playing basketball.

I should add in deadlifts. My issue though is my size, and I am concerned about my form. Overall I normally focus on slow controlled movements for my exercises, following the best form that I can. Deadlifts is one that I am worried I could jack up my back or knees…again.
I’m more of a leverage kind of guy, rather than torque.


@Tai, that’s my main focus but I’m planning to get back into rowing come September and want to start making real progress on oly, so I suspect I’m going to have to add some stuff in.

@HarveyDesu, Squat gainer? Do you mean a workout like Smolov, or some kind of wonderful steroid? Deadlifts are definitely worth adding, they’re the ultimate strength lift. Try taking some videos of yourself using your normal work weight and post it around, get a form check.


You do Oly lifts? That’s awesome. I started doing power cleans, and it’s by far my favorite part of working out now.


Sorry I couldn’t remember the name of the book yesterday. The book is called Super Squats by Strossen.
Following that workout and diet has been the only time that I have been able to put on any real weight. I want to say that I put on close to 30 or 40 lbs in around 2 or 3 months.
I am been struggling ever since then to keep that weight that I worked so hard to gain, but I am slowly creeping back down to my old standing weight.