Is Soylent glyphosate free?


Grain crops are being sprayed with glyphosate just prior to harvesting. Glyphosate residue is now pervasive in animals, food, and humans and poses a critical health threat.
Are Soylent ingredients being tested for glyphosate? Are they guaranteed glyphosate free? Before users reply, understand what the molecule of glyphosate is, what it does and how dangerous it is. For a history, view this lecture by Thierry Vrain, retired biologist and genetic engineer who is raising public awareness about dangers of glyphosate and engineered food.


We are currently doing tests, its a primary goal for us to provide transparency.


Transparency eh? I honestly don’t mind the beige color.

Oh you meant… oh… okay.


If I hypothetically knew the answer to your question, why would I need to know what glyphosate is? Don’t mean to be rude, just seems like a bizarre rule in terms of what constitutes a valid answer.


The OP doesn’t want people like me coming on here and saying it’s not a problem when I really don’t know what I’m talking about. I see it all the time all over this forum.


I understand your logic - I requested viewing the video in an attempt to stave off pro-GMO trolling by commenters and to help educate those who care. I assume Soylent is respectable enough to be concerned about glyphosate, but their current stance on GMOs indicates they are not well informed. BTW - your joking about transparency is a tell.


Not all GMO is bad. It’s not all good either.


I appreciate the comment but don’t understand the point. Can you clarify?


OK, then let’s err on the side of caution and resist those whose documented goal is to control the world’s food supply.


Thank you for the quick reply!


Keep in mind I know nothing about the topic you want to discuss. It just sounded like your against ALL GMO not just specific examples. I don’t really want to clutter up this thread with off topic talk. If you want you can PM me.


Thanks for the offer and you’re right, let’s not clutter the thread. If you want to know something about the topic, there it is in the link I provided. (You might not like what you learn but I hope you reconsider where you place your trust.)

I am interested in whether other users are concerned about glyphosate. If I used Soylent rarely, it might not alarm me, but I just received a big order and use it nearly every day. I am now really uncomfortable about that.


We are now posting lectures by Thierry Vrain?

When you search for him, the first three suggestions via google are, “Thierry Vrain debunked,” “Thierry Vrain quack” and “gmo myths and truths.” Now, I fully realize this does not constitute proof that the man is a quack, but, he is a well-known GMO-demonizer who doesn’t really care that science doesn’t back up his claims.

From the Genetic Literacy Project:

"The main speaker, a former promoter of GMOs now turned anti-GMO, Dr. Thierry Vrain, cited several papers—which have all been discredited—showing that GMOs cause “all manners of ills.” Dr. Vrain specifically cites two papers that were rejected by the scientific community—one suggesting that GM potatoes caused immune system suppression in rats, and one recently retracted paper suggesting that GM corn caused tumor growth in rats.

"Dr. Vrain also claims a report—not a study—shows correlations between the rise of GM crop cultivation and “a dozen diseases.” The same correlation could equally apply to the rise in organic food consumption, Wager points out, but “every real scientist knows that correlation does not equal causation.”

Please note, I am not defending glyphosate. The EPA states that glyphosate displays “evidence of non-carcinogenicity for humans” My only point: you risk losing the message if the messenger is not credible.


I would love to know the answer to this question. I don’t even mind if it is in there, I just want to know how much of it is present.



Its on the way @Scott_Kerr :smile:



I think it would be cool to have SCiO built into mobile phones so that before consuming a glass of Soylent (or anything else) you’d get a buzz if something fishy was detected. I know the SCiO isn’t that accurate yet, but one can dream…


Glyphosate? (looks it up) Oh, Roundup. Why didn’t you just say so? I’d love to hear the official word, but Soylent is not organic, so I don’t think the answer will be what you want.


You are the victim of well-organized and well-funded corporate disinformation program. Dr. Vrain argues exactly that correlation does not equal causation and debunks the very same ‘organic food correlation’ propaganda you mention (BTW - that one is straight from Monsanto.) Sorry Ric, the science does expose the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate, you just have to dig deep to find it, as it is systematically covered up.

If you had listened to the lecture, you wouldn’t have bothered to comment (or post the silly picture.)


Well I would certainly support that cool ‘tricorder’ idea.