Is Soylent good for you? Is it tested? Does it contain soy?


This is a horrible idea! This stuff is NOT going to be good for you. No ethical doctor will advise this stuff. Don’t waste your money being a lab rat for these kids. If you really wanted to make a good product, you would TEST this before trying to SELL it to the public. YOU are exactly what is wrong with the food industry.


Some of us are testing it. Personally I have a DIY recipe that I am working on now.
I have a couple of issues with it, but I will slowly work them out.
Do you have any reason or evidence to believe that this would not be good for us?

More on topic, I don’t particularly like the name Soylent, but if it works I don’t really care what it’s called. If you called it the “AMF” (Anti-Manure for Food) I would still probably be where I am at with it now, although I would probably be laughing slightly more.


Go away @angel AKA Kelly Strad. You’ve spammed enough of the facebook page already, and you’re here now? If you don’t support it, then just leave. You’ve given zero facts as to why this won’t work. Just your opinion is not enough. Your fear of GMOs is irrational.


Not spam. Only truth. I hate to see this kind of misleading advertising making people feel like they are making a smart, healthy choice that is good for the planet. A solution to world hunger, HA! Wow, that’s so audacious. There is no proof that this product is safe. The soy listed in the ingredients is a GMO product which is clearly not safe. If you’re they type of person who eats McDonald’s, Five hour energy, and power bars, go ahead and eat this stuff. But this is by no means a health product.


While I have not looked at the Facebook page, and I currently do not think of your post as SPAM (at least not yet), I would like to identify what your issue with Soylent is.

I do not remember seeing soy as an ingredient in Soylent. I could be wrong, but I just don’t remember it being there. Do you have a link or a post you could refer to?
As for the GMO it all depends on the GMO and what was changed. Some GMO’s are extremely good, while other GMO’s are extremely bad. To label an entire category as not safe is just ignorant. Although I must admit that am ignorant as to which ingredients in Soylent are GMO’s, or what the modification was / is.

Do you have some specific examples or links that you can share? Complaining for the sake of complaining just makes you a troll and your posts SPAM. But if you would like to contribute to the discussions then I think that most of us would be welcoming.
Also I am curious what your current diet is, as I am pretty sure that it is probably lacking something (most are). And whatever it is that you are lacking you could probably supplement it with Soylent. Whether it be the soon to be commercially available version or your own custom GMO free version.


There is no soy in Soylent. Just goes to show how little you know about this product.


As for @angel, your comment sounds extremely biased. You question soylent’s description as good for the planet. However, you don’t seem to have any facts of your own on how this could even possibly be bad for the planet. Furthermore, why are you worried about doctors advising this? You seem to believe that this product is marketed as a drug. I wish that you would take each of your personal attacks against soylent and at least elaborate, because I’m confused what part of soylent you find fault in.


Excellent point.
While Soylent Green was well before my time, I would have also misapplied soy to the ingredient list based on the name. Although the friend that told me about this posed it in a way that the name did not matter.
Pretty much it was described to me as only socially eating and that I could give up food and still get all of my macro and micro nutrients.

While the name can and probably will be a turn off for some people. I think this can be over come with proper marketing. For right now though I think the proper marketing is lacking and this is just a grassroots kind of project. With that being said if we told everyone we know and everyone that we told tells everyone they know then it will soon be common knowledge across the world. Although everyone that I have told has thought it was a dumb idea…I need more open minded friends and colleagues.


Let’s be clear, I have no biast. I am not here promoting another product. I am simply saying that the marketing this company is using is extremely manipulative and misleading. Why am I worried about doctors approving this! Wow, are you SERIOUS? It doesn’t matter if you are selling drugs or food. What you put in your body is paramount to your health and your future. This company has a responsibility to the public to test these products for safety.

I do not need to present facts because I am not the one selling anything. I will, however, give you a few to settle any doubts. FACT 1: Using GMO soybeans grown with poisons and pesticides is not healthy, plain and simple. FACT 2: Spraying pesticides and poisons onto crops is bad for the environment and NOT sustainable. FACT 3: This company is doing people a huge disservice by selling this product as a safe, healthy, and “good for the environment” product. Furthermore, there is a lot of controversy surrounding soy as it raises estrogen levels among other things.

This diet is simply not sustainable in any way. Your body is very complex and needs a complex variety of minerals, vegetables, etc for optimal immune support, health and vitality. Yes of course I want a doctor to approve the food that I eat! Who wouldn’t? These guys are clearly only interested in one thing: PROFIT!


Once again, there is no Soy in Soylent. It’s just a loaned name. :slight_smile:


This one’s a lunatic. She’s still wittering on about soybeans after having been told there is NO soy in the formula. What a waste of everyone’s time!


In response:
FACT 1: There are not any soybeans in Soylent.
FACT 2: Pesticides are actually fairly sustainable. We have been using one form or another for over a century. Living with a farm growing up, you pretty much had to use pesticides for most things, not all though.
Although I do agree it can be bad for the environment.
FACT 3: Soy (even though it is not used in Soylent) does not raise estrogen levels. This was a myth disproved a couple of years ago.

FACT 3 part 2: This product technically has not hit the market yet, and they aren’t selling anything as of yet. Most of the people on this forum, including myself, have made or are using a do it yourself version of Soylent. Meaning that we did some research, created our own recipes and formulas and are using them in our day to day lives.
The fear that you are expressing is the fear of change or the unknown. Because you have not done the research your fears are baseless. If you have something specific that concerns you then that is something that we can address. If we are proven wrong then we adapt and move on. But saying that this is a bad product without anything specific is just FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

As for diets go I probably had one of the poorest diets on this forum. I did not and still do not eat any fruits or vegetables. I just don’t like their taste so they were not part of my diet. Unless of course you considered ketchup the same as tomatoes.
We have all been doing research into what the body needs as far as minerals and nutrients, and we probably have a far better grasp than you do, and in some cases a better grasp then GP doctors.

On a personal note for doctors, I don’t know why you put so much faith in them. Every time I go to the doctor I am prescribed the same 3 things (anti-inflammatory, pain killer, muscle relaxer). Different doctors, different problems, different days. I have seen more doctors than I would care to remember in my short life, and most, not all, but most of them are worthless and drug pushers for the pharmaceutical industry.

Soylent aside, please what ever you do, do not take your doctors word as the gospel. Go out and do your own research. If your doctor is right, then great. But if he is wrong then you will be better off knowing.


90% of the food you eat is poison. Even the “green” food, the “healthy”, the “organic”. Still kills you. I’m SURE this can be dangerous at SOME point. But is the idea is TESTING it. It’s not like is going to be to the supermarket next sunday. If we die, good, then you’ll know not to drink it. Anyway, I’m sure it can’t be more dangerous than eating a tomato from Monsanto, so chill out and let grown ups take care.


I agree with you on that they just express fear. It’s called cognitive dissonance. Quoting the sacred Wikipedia: is “the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions… It is the distressing mental state that people feel when they find themselves doing things that don’t fit with what they know, or having opinions that do not fit with other opinions they hold”. So, in conclution, people is going to keep telling us that we are crazy just becouse it’s against the status quo, as it has been since the age of rock. I mean, Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci, they were not the only ones to be called crazy. You thing they guy who started making a wheel didn’t have those adjetives thrown at him? But as you say before, and as always, we’re just gonna be laughing slightly more… for sure.


Looking at the wikipedia extracts posted in he other/old thread and the way the information in them is missused, I’d like to add one important substance that is used in most Soylent formulas:

Dihydrogen monoxide.
It’s an odourless, colourless, tasteless chemical that most people don’t even think about, yet every single person using Soylent is exposed to major amounts of it.
It kills in many different ways, as it can burn you both externally and from the inside out, it is often found in tumors, and it has also been linked to a number of drowning deaths.
The LD50 (lethal dose) of this toxin in mice (given intravenously) is as little as 25mg/kg.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dihydrogen monoxide, you may also know it as a major component of acid rain.
Fast food restaurants use it in some of their products too.


Probably soylent does contain a little bit of soy.
At least, lecithin is commonly derived from soybeans.


Can you please talk about this a little bit more? I know you are not a nutritionist nor a scientist, but I think I would be more convinced of this with a good explanation. And please, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to contradict you, but I just put Dihydrogen monoxide on google and it spit BS from both sides. In wikipedia and a lot of other sites they say it’s just a hoax and it’s just an ignorance becouse it’s just water. And other sites as the DHMO and LHOP just said that it’s bad becouse it’s an acid and disrupts cells and blablabla. And, for now, I inclide to the hoax explanation JUST becouse I am an skeptical kind of person. BUT I also agree that there are so much things we ignore becouse of the media blocking from companies and governments, but that doesn’t mean there is a LOOOOOOOT of ignorant and crazy people out there. So, even tho I’m inclined over the hoax explanation, I don’t really totally believe any of the two completelly. So, If you have any explanation, any GENERAL knowleadge of this… you don’t have to give a cientific blowminding explanation… but I think it could be more believable if you actually give an explanation of do you think that? Is there ANY studies that prove this. And also, where do we find that chemical on Soylent. And, If non of this is for real and you are just kidding and being sarcastic, please apologize my stupidity, I’m just want to make sure of things.


Dihydrogen monoxide is just water.


Right – just water! I think Ben’s point is probably how conditioned people have become to freak out when someone announces that such-and-such product contains such-and-such lethal ingredient. It has become something practically everyone does, we’ve been programmed like Pavlov’s salivating dogs. And ANYTHING can be made to sound toxic if you spin it right.


Being uninformed is not being stupid, and I do like your openmindedness!

It is indeed a hoax/joke - Dihydrogen monoxide literally means “2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom” - H2O, or “Water”.

I posted this in reaction to this post:

In it the author lists wikipedia extracts of some of the components of Soylent to show how dangerous it is.
Only he says that the Whey protein is dangerous because it’s not good to eat too much of it, and because it contains Lactose which some people are intolerant to. It doesn’t btw, as far as I know Rob’s Soylent uses Whey Isolate, not Concentrate => No Lactose
He says that Choline is dangerous because doses of 10g or more per day may cause…all kinds of things.

Well, I say that water is dangerous too. If you drink more than 20 litres a day, you might die! So clearly any food containing any amount of water should be outlawed.

The reason I posted here and not in the other thread is that the other thread is about changing the name; I assume @jatwood will move that post over here too. :slight_smile:

As a small side note, nothing stated on is wrong, it’s just taken out of context. The chemical DHMO is indeed a major component of acid rain - water is a major component of acid rain.
Accidental inhalation of DHMO can indeed lead to death - this just means “You can’t breathe under water”.