Is soylent making me sick


I have just gotten back to eating soylent after a long break. The first run at drinking just soylent was successful I lost 40 pounds and I am intending to get back on soylent and start working out again however I have noticed recently that after drinking a few days worth of 1.1 I have had many symptoms of sickness. I have tried multiple times now and am still having the same sickness issues this includes diarrhea and vomiting as well as nausea and headaches. The first time I experienced these symptoms I stopped drinking soylent and went back to food for a few days and I am trying again and experiencing the same symtopms. Can anyone please tell me what is going on?


How does the oil in the freshly opened bottles smell?


If it’s not something wrong with the oil, could it be that you don’t tolerate the enzymes in 1.1 very well? They don’t use the enzymes in newer versions; issues like these might be why they stopped using them. Do you have any 1.2 or 1.3 you could try?

If I were in your place, I would probably stop eating it and ask RL if they can replace it with a newer batch.


I second this recommendation.


They added the enzyme to 1.1 in an attempt to fix the gas issue. They didn’t work so they took them out.


I did not have a problem drinking 1.1 before I stopped drinking it. I had consumed about 5 days or so of 1.1 before I stopped drinking it and did not experience any flu symptoms. As far as the smell of the oil goes, unfortunately one of the symptoms I am experiencing is stuffy nose I didn’t smell much of anything when smelling the oil. However I can smell the detergent in my sheets on my bed so I imagine if there was a real potent smell to the oil I would know it. I am going to try drinking 1.3 tomorrow to see if that changes anything. Can anyone confirm that soylent will replace a product if it is making me sick? Have they done this in the past?


There was a thread awhile ago in which I was a participant where a number of us had experienced similar, somewhat severe symptoms on 1.1. I think everyone who chimed in on that thread got at least a partial replacement for the bad product.

In my case, I got through one of the four boxes of 1.1 with no issues, but every bag from the second box that I tried made me feel extremely ill, including vomiting and nausea and very painful and prolonged stomach aches.

EDIT: Here’s [the thread][1], it looks like the recent radio silence may have affected users with similar issues so I can’t speak to the likelihood of getting a replacement or a timely response from RL at this point.

Tagging @Soylent just in case they can help you with your issue.


Thank you @nwoll27 this thread was very relevant to me and my situation is practically identical to every single case listed in that forum. My sickness occurred in the second box and 3rd bag and my lot numbers for the product are not the same however they were manufactured on the same date as the people who posted their lot numbers. @rob is it possible for me to get replacements for the 2 boxes and 3 bags of 1.1 I have remaining that are physically making me sick? I have stopped all consumption of the product and have since continued consuming 1.3 where I have found no issues at all.


Sounds like the flu…I have never gotten any of these symptoms from 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3…gas is much better with 1.3 though!


There may be more to Soylent making people sick. I’ve drank a few bottles without a problem, but Friday I had one around noon and felt like food poisoning around 6pm. Sure, that’s too long apart for food poisoning so maybe it’s gastrointestinal. I belt bloated around 3pm an on. Next day I had temperature over a 100 and I recovered on Sunday. Without connecting the dots, I had another drink at noon today. Well, same story about 6hrs later. My symptoms are that I feel very poorly, I feel like vomiting but actually can’t, I feel like I have diarrhea but little in volume. My stomach hurts.

I am not allergic to anything as far as I know. I’ve been tested for allergies as a kid. I’m in good health.

I dumped all the other bottles I had. The last two bottles were of Chai series.

I don’t think the last two bottles were damaged. They were mailed, so maybe they were exposed to high temperatures in transit?


Allergies can develop, just because you’ve never had them before doesn’t mean you can’t get them. May be worth checking out if anything’s changed.


I eat a diversified died. If I notice that other foods make me sick, I’ll undergo food allergy testing. Possibly an autopsy would be useful, too. As is, something in this particular product, perhaps due to concentration of the elements, made me sick.

I think we need to be careful of the argument that tobacco companies used for years. Smoking is pleasant and helps you lose weight, therefore people who are questioning smoking should first rule out any other possible reason for their health problems.

It seems identifying answers is a lot more complex and I fully understand the difficulty and importance of causation versus correlation. Without raising questions and collecting reports like mine a bias will develop that makes the product a health trap for people like me.

Some bottles are ok for me to drink, but others make me seriously sick?

Medications usually list possible side-effects. With enough reports on Soylent maybe a note will be included that some people can get seriously sick.

I get it … I should provide undeniable proof that on the two days, when I ate serial for breakfast, which I often do, and then Soylent for lunch, nothing else, then I got seriously sick, it indeed was Soylent. Well, maybe I have a hidden, newly developed allergy. Maybe I got the flu. Maybe it’s my DNA. Or maybe some bottles, some flavors, under certain conditions, do turn into some bacterial soup that is harmful.


I developed what I thought was a soy allergy after drinking soylent for years.

I stopped for a year and I’m back trying it again.

So far so good, no issues. But I’m also trying different kinds of soylent compared to last time… Last time was 2.0 that gave me problems


First of all this thread is clearly not for you. This thread was specifically in relation to soylent 1,1 which hopefully no longer exists (it was that bad). Second, an autopsy is a test done on dead people to determine the cause of death so you likely won’t be having that test done in the near future. Third, that is not too long for food poisoning to develop most cases of food poisoning develop in about 24 hours. Lastly, if you think you got food poisoning from a batch of soylent contact customer service and don’t post it here. There is a reason the include a manufacture date and batch number on every product. Report it stop eating it and open a different batch.


For the getting sick and headaches part. In all honestly, I would lower the soylent consumption. When I was dirnking soylent 100% for 2 weeks I felt very sleepy and ill a lot of the time. I also felt super hot and energy drained. My body isn’t used to having a high fat diet… I quit using soylent and returned to a whole food plant based diet with no added oils and limited the processed foods. I feel a lot better now :slight_smile: Even though I don’t drink soylent anymore, I am still a big fain of the idea and making everything simple and economical. I have 25 bags waiting in the cupboard in case of an emergency lol!