Is soylent okay with this?


Twitter user claims to be a SOYLENT “employee of the month.” Posts and retweets racist statements, tweets mocking the mentally ill, and fat-shaming posts. Also deragatory conspiracy theories re: Parkland victims as well as mocking the tragic death of the wife of comedian Patton Oswalt. No way to know for sure if a true employee but should be dealt with. Damaging to Soylent’s public image.


I really doubt this person is an actual employee of Soylent. I suspect claiming to work for them is her idea of a joke. To me, this person looks like a troll and not worth anybody’s time or attention.


Pretty sure this is some provocateur account and the bio is just ‘trolling libs’ or something, based on the accounts twitter history. Hence the Soylent thing and the “DSA Organizer” (Democratic Socialists of America) part.

EDIT: oops missed @tsapience’s response b4 I posted


Not much we can do. We take down serveral of these account a week but they just keep coming. Clearly anyone who would say such things would have been instantly fired. So I just have to leave it to peoples common sense that we have no control over what people write.


As members of the Soylent and Twitter communities we can report these accounts to Twitter as violating community standards. They aren’t quick to act but keep up the pressure