Is Soylent on your "todo" list?

No dis-ing here just saying…lately, I’ve been eating a lot of normal meals AND eating Soylent so I don’t “fall behind” on my subscription. Sort of like binge reading magazines because the next issues are due out and I’m already two issues back. Not exactly but feels something like that. If anyone else has noticed this how do you/did you get yourself back “on track”.

You don’t necessarily have to, if you find yourself eating less Soylent and don’t feel like changing you can go on the website and cut down your subscription size. If you’re eating less Soylent and want to be eating more JUST DO IT


It is interesting reading about some of the folks around here who have large stockpiles of powder saved up… Being able to pause the subscription is nice but so far I haven’t fallen short and usually only have 3-10 bags surplus when the new shipment arrives.

Sort of? I ordered it and then realized that it makes no sense for me to cut out the pleasures of taste and real food. Life is short and hard as it is. Now I’m using it as a snack at work. Way better than the giant cookie I used to buy. When I run out, though, I’ll just buy some pre-canned protein shakes. The nutritional balance won’t be as good, but I won’t need to mix and/or flavor it.