Is Soylent returnable?


I’m a new customer (v1.5) and I absolutely hate this. It tastes like I shouldn’t be eating it and was almost gag inducing for me. Can I return it? If not, where is the best place to sell it? I have 6 days worth.


The FAQ says:

To request a refund, please email

Make sure to include:

Your Name
Email Address used to place order
One-time or Subscription order
Order number (if known)


Sorry. I’m very literal. Very. :confused:

You can’t return Soylent. It is a food product, so Rosa Labs can’t resell.

You can get a refund.

Thanks @geneven.


Thank you all :blush:


Try this…

Make a mixture. Stick it in refrigeration and let it “brew” a hour or 2. It will taste a LOT better. I normally also add hot choc powder to make it taste better too.


Wait, @hg94, don’t give up yet! Have you tried flavoring, as @Rolf suggested? Also, look at this thread for more options.


And just to confirm, you did remember to add water right?