Is Soylent right for a cyclist?


I’m a cyclist and often find I struggle nutritionally with the sport - it plays a huge part in how well I race. Due to scheduling and other concerns I often find myself unable to get a proper meal in before hand and suffer the consequences while I compete. Do you think soylent would be right for me? It seems nutritionally beneficial but im not entirely sure, does anyone have any athletic experience with it? Thank you!


I’m a lazy but, so take my advice with a grain of salt, or rather a lot of salt which is what o recommend you add.

Beyond that, I don’t know. Hopefully someone with more experience can fill in the blanks for you. But Soylent might not be sufficient in its own for athletics. I imagine it would still help though.


@vanclute had an experience where he physically exerted himself and almost passed out. He had to sit down and have more Soylent. Our theory is that when you run out on “normal” food, you just run out of carbs, etc, Whereas when you’re on Soylent, you might exhaust everything at once with it being balanced the way it is.

Make sure you stay plenty hydrated with water, and make sure to add salt and/or a sports/electrolyte drink.


I’d just like to have this as the occasional replacement for dinner. Can soylent work the same as a well planned pre-sports meal ? I want something more wholesome than a burger at a restaurant. Those don’t feel great while I ride.


Soylent feels great before/after I work out, since there is nothing churning in my stomach. If you are very fit your nutritional needs are different. You will get your micros from Soylent, but likely need more water, sodium, and either carbs/protein depending on if you do cardio or lifting (bicycling probably needs more carbs: supplement with spaghetti).


I rode 8 miles on my mtn bike up/down the hilly dirt roads near me after working all day in 90 degrees, on 1 meal of Soylent/Schmoylent. I’d say you’ll be fine. I came home and had a BLT and a couple glasses of water. Never felt weak and I had one of my faster times for that route for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still haven’t received my Soylent, but I would imagine if you lead a highly athletic lifestyle and want to depend on Soylent for nutrition, the best bet would be to just use a greater amount of Soylent daily. Depending on your activity level, upping your daily intake from the recommended 2000 calories to whatever your body requires seems like the way to go. I run quite a bit and cycle. No marathons yet but I’ve ran a half marathon and regularly run 5+ miles. On a day where I burn 1000+ calories through exercise, I just eat more. I’ll do the same with Soylent…when it gets here :slight_smile:


I’ve done a bit of biking on DIY Soylent (near 100%) and have had no problems. Very easy to adjust the amount to match your calorie burn. It’s easy on the stomach. Also easy to bump up the protein if you need to. I say phase it in to your diet and give it a go.


I hike, run and cycle quite often, if I am doing an extended workout I mix up a little batch of protein + carbs (Maybe 20-30 grams) to supplement the DIY mix I am already using.