Is Soylent safe if you've had a gastric bypass/bariatric surgery?


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I’m trying to find if there have been tests/experiences with Soylent and someone who’s had a gastric bypass/bariatric surgery. I’ve searched here and elsewhere, but mainly only find concerns relating to Soylent “bypassing a normal digestive system”.

I’m aware that gastric bypass patients often use protein shakes while being mindful of consuming excess carbs/sugars/etc., and this doesn’t seem that far out. Could Soylent be used as a more comprehensive, wholesome successor to those protein shakes for the long-term?

I’d be appreciative for any insight, especially if YOU are an early backer and have recently received your Soylent shipment.


It seems like it would be perfect for gastric bypass patients just based upon the premise of complete nutrition in the product. I haven’t seen any posts on this subject, so curious to see if there are any beta testers in this situation that can comment. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this kind of feedback now that the product is beginning to ship.


My understanding is that the gastric bypass operation works by basically reducing the size of the stomach, so that you can only take in small amounts of food at a time and become full more quickly. Is this correct? If so, do you think that consuming ~2L of liquid per day instead of solid foods - in addition to whatever you would normally drink - is feasible?

I’m not sure why Soylent would be any better or worse for a bypass patient vs. a regular person, aside from the volume issue.


I ran across this with a similar question right after a nutrition seminar related to bariatric surgery. For anyone still wondering about this, it looks like the answer is a resounding no. While the product consumed needs to be high in protein, it must ALSO be low in carbs. The quick-and-dirty rule is less carbs than protein. ( >15 grams of protein per serving, <15 grams carbs). Soylent weighs in with 38g of protein (so far so good) but a whopping 85g of carbs per serving. Thus, while I’m not an expert myself, my local expert would say soylent is a no go for bariatric surgery.


Assuming that to be true then your right Soylent is a no go but fortunately there is always soylent.


And independent maker/sellers who sell low-carb recipes.