Is Soylent still on track for January shipment?


I havnt seen anything in the blog for a while. I am anxious to get my month supply. Since its been delayed a number of times, it would be nice to get another note about the shipment going out.



This Friday is the end of the “6-8 weeks for procuring raw ingredients.”

I am anxious to hear as well. Really hoping for an update tonight or tomorrow!

Edit: Warning! SPECULATION AHEAD. Do not take this as any kind of authoritative commentary.

Just went over the timelines again. So 12/20 is “worst case” for RFI sourcing the ingredients per the 10/25 blog post. If we assume worst-case for the other steps, we are looking at late January or early February. You would ship first, presumably, so perhaps you’d be closer to the beginning of the shipping timeline, putting you around 01/17/2014 maybe.

2-3 weeks for identity and microbial testing of each ingredient. This would be 01/10/2014

3-4 weeks for blending, quality assurance testing and packaging of 225,000 days of Soylent. This would be 02/07/2014.


Thank your for that well thought out post. I hope the team responds soon…


I was under the impression that the ingredient testing would happen as soon as the ingredient in question arrived. This would supposedly shorten the time it takes to get to the shipping phase. It might be an assumption on my part, but they may ‘blend’ the Soylent in batches, due to physical volume, which makes me wonder if the 3-4 weeks for blending and quality assurance is for the full 225k days of Soylent.


Of course that’s true, its even listed in the blog post, but think of it this way. If they receive the single final ingredient tomorrow they’ll still have to do 2-3 weeks of identity and microbial testing then the 3-4 weeks of blending on that single ingredient. I would imagine most of the testing is parallel (as in, they test multiple items at a time, not just 1 big linear queue that takes 2-3 weeks to go through all of the ingredients), so a long pole in the tent could make them realize their worst case timeline.

Depending on how they signed their PO they’re probably just going to be getting it in one huge batch. While it would make sense to ship it piecemeal as single month supplies as they were produced, RFI is probably not used to operating like that and if the contract was not written that way, its unlikely to happen.


Does anybody know how big RFI actually is?

Once Production is up and running, i suppose they will deliver in logistical reasonable units: 225.000 Units at 500g each sum up to ~110 tons of Soylent. To ship those to the fullfilment centre, you need 3-4 big trucks, hence 3+ batches. It depends on RFIs blending+packaging capacity how much time is in between those.


I work in the material handling industry, so I’m going to take some reasonable guesses here. Given a budget of 1 million USD for equipment, Rob needs some way to introduce all the powders into a final blend, some way to fill the packages, seal the packages, and then palletize the packages, and box the pallets. One line can probably be had for that amount. We routinely run products of this size range at 100 products/minute, often more. Assuming all the machines can keep up with that rate (and that rate is pretty easy to keep up with for most industrial machinery) 225,000 units takes 37.5 hours of run time. That’s less than one week at one shift, with one production line. All the time here will be sourcing, testing, and setup, and unfortunately, little of that is actually under Rob’s control.


someone else started the same thread…folks are getting antsy.


Unfortunately the basic premiss of your guesses is flawed. Rosa Labs contracted RFI to procure specific ingreedents, mix and ship soylent to us.

While the extra capital they raised will go to creating their own production line eventually, currently they are using a 3rd party to accomplish the legwork.


Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. Still, if RFI is doing this in an automated fashion, the time frame should be close. If they’re not…then yeah, my guesses are pretty irrelevant.


If you have worked in the field, then you at least know the steps that RFI is taking to manufacture Soylent better than most of us. Although I don’t know what volume RFI can handle or the manufacturing center Rosa Labs is building will be able to handle.


I don’t know if this helps you refine your guess, but this is the address of the RFI manufacturing facility in CA. It looks pretty small on google maps. Maybe 1 or 2 loading docks. 3109 Del Este Avenue, Modesto, CA 95354. Got the address from this document:


You guys are talking as if we know nothing about their process. This has all been posted on their blog since October:

[quote=Rosa Labs]RFI has provided the following tentative timeline for production:

6-8 weeks for procuring raw ingredients. Our vegan vitamin and mineral blend has the longest lead time and will be subject to the most rigorous of testing for heavy metals and impurities. The FDA has given particular consideration to vitamin and mineral claims and requires the greatest amount of testing to ensure all claims regarding levels and concentrations are valid.

2-3 weeks for identity and microbial testing of each ingredient. Ingredients will be tested as they arrive to reduce the total lead time. One of the main reasons why we chose RFI is because they are at the top of the industry when it comes to testing and quality assurance; often times running valuable tests for impurities and potential health hazards that aren’t required by any state or federal laws. We will post every test result on our website so you know that Soylent is pure and safe.

3-4 weeks for blending, quality assurance testing and packaging of 225,000 days of Soylent. Approximately 70,000 days of Soylent will be produced, tested and shipped weekly. As soon as the first week of production finishes and proper quality assurance tests are run, we will be able to start the first shipment of Soylent.



I’m pretty sure that isn’t what we are doing. If you look the thread pretty much started with that information provided by a helpful fellow that looks a lot like me.

By the way, for the record, I am disappoint we did not receive an update last week.


It is the holidays, so I am betting that they are currently busy with family related activities.


Family? HA!

Kidding… just finished celebrating the holidays with my family this past weekend so I can sympathize. I was expecting them to miss this week’s blog post, not last week’s.


Sorry about missing two updates in a row, we’ll be back on schedule next week!


Does that include an update on shipping? Hope so!


My guess is they will blame some supplier for not delivering a certain ingredient and it will be pushed back for another month. And in another month there will be another excuse, wasn’t’ the original ship date supposed to be like July or something like that? I bet this thing will be delayed for full 12 months before it ships.


Julio posted in the (Production Updates?!) thread today as well. Though vague, the gist seemed to be that they received info from RFI just before the holiday, and that “there’s only so much they can do” about the vitamin blend delivery date. Doesn’t sound exactly on track for January, but we can hope it’s not a big delay. Looking forward to next week’s promised update.