"Is Soylent The Answer To A Healthy Diet?"

Livestrong article:
Is Soylent The Answer To A Healthy Diet?


Well read article. only 1 glaring mistake at the beginning

This product, known as Soylent powder 1.5, contains 500 calories per
packet and 25 percent of the Daily Value for 23 vitamins and minerals
per packet.


It sure is glaring… maybe there is more than one?

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If they just replaced the word “packet” with “serving” they’d be fine. Not confidence inspiring, but not the worst mistake I’ve seen in an online article.

My favorite part of the article, though, was that they got through a whole subheading titled “Who Actually Drinks Soylent Anyway?” without claiming that it’s only consumed by programmers, bros, or brogrammers once, so good on them for that.


And I like the dietician they talked to, Kerri-Ann Jennings, who said, “My general take on Soylent is that it’s for people who want ‘optimal nutrition,’ but who don’t particularly enjoy eating — or who don’t feel they have the time for it.” While she expresses some concern that there might be benefits or micronutrients in whole foods we don’t yet understand that Soylent could be missing, she doesn’t go on the full-body freakout so many such experts consulted for these articles do, and she says it’s obviously better than the fast food consumers like that previously could have settled for.

Many dieticians (understandably, given they were drawn to that field) seem unable to grasp that food standard healthy food is too complicated or unenjoyable for some people. Good on her!


I think it’s that and more. She seems to dichotomize it into people that like eating and people that don’t.

I know that some people aren’t into eating at all but I think there are lots of people (like me) that get a lot of enjoyment out of eating but who don’t want to HAVE to do it three or four times EVERY DAY. Sometimes I eat Soylent not because I’m busy but because I just don’t feel like eating at that time. So I take Soylent instead. Then some hours after that I’m hungry again and I actually feel like eating and I indulge in food and get a lot of enjoyment. The enjoyment is from doing it because you want to, not because you have to. It’s possible for your net enjoyment of something to increase even if you do it less than before.

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Plus I think the Soylent description of servings and pouches and boxes and stuff can get a bit confusing, and difficult to compare.