Is Soylent the most expensive way to get food for the world?


Soylent is something he will likely continue to use as a cheap

This is laughable, Soylent is the most expensive way to get food for the 97% of the world’s population, even if the price will go down by 20%.



it’s the most cheapest way to eat as healthy as possible, but you can survive on micro noodles also for much cheaper, but you will not get all nutrients; but the body is resilient
i have a recipe under 3$ a day 1800Kcal with complete nutrient profile


I would bet that also 97% arent getting all their daily requirements and are eating more unhealthy than Soylent. If you dont klike Soylent and you think it is to expensive why are you still here?


Could you confirm for me that your using the ‘$’ to refer to USD and not another currency. And if your government subsidizes its food industry, or has less testing/control requirements than the US to be sold to consumers.

Any number of these can affects the cost of food anywhere.


What are you talking about? Google “eat healthy for 3 dollars a day”

Rice/beans/sweet potato/broccoli/seeds/oil and b12. Boom , 3 and a half dollars a day. High fiber. Vegetarian.

Its boring but its cheaper than soylent. Thqt was just one Blogger attempt


Did that meet all of the RDA’s and micro nutrients?


And how many calories are in that one?
i can make for under 3 dollar 2,82$ 3,44$

or this one for body building a little bit more expensive but way more cheaper then eating normal food to build muscle 5,26$

and that is what a privat person can do
imagen what Soylent corp can do. under 1$ in the future with the bulk prices and when thy get rolling

and that has definitely not the recommended dosage of omega 3 EPA and DHA and compleat protein profile


The most expensive way to get food for the world would be to feed everyone 60 day dry aged ribeyes :wink:



Actually with the rice+beans you have a complete protein profile right there and with the seeds and oil you can easily have balanced fats. I would be more concerned with micronutrients.

LOL ok so I looked at the “Rice/beans/sweet potato/broccoli/seeds/oil and b12” diet and analyzed it for nutrient completness, it is missing one key ingredient, salt! Other then that it is feasible. However, I am not sure about the $3 a day. Calcium levels are low in all those foods so you are going to have to eat a whole lot of one of them… in fact no, that is the diets weakness right there. After consuming 1 pound of rice, 1 pound of sweet potatoe, 1 pound of broccoli, you still only reach 47% of the RDA for calcium.

Final results: 2 pounds of rice, 2 pounds of sweet potatoe, 3 pounds of broccoli, 1 vitamin b12 pill, 50g of sunflower seeds, and 2 tbsp of canola oil and you have a 92% complete nutrient profile missing only 50% of your sodium requirements and 100% of your vitamin D (which can be obtained from the sun in some places)

FYI average American eats around 5 pounds of food a day. This would be probably impossible to consume.

Oh and the cost? 1 pound of brocolli goes for $1.50-$2 a pound so just on the broccoli alone your way over the $3.


@permanentspace: no.


but how about the balans of omega 3 and 6?
vegtitable oils usually only contain omega 3 ala fat.


Balance is fine, that is why I did sunflower seeds and canolda oil. Canola because it is most omega 6 and sunflower seeds because they are rich in omega 3.

The recipe for this whole foods soylent is only missing 50% sodium and 100% Vitamin D, and the internal capacity to eat it all.

I’ve done whole foods soylent before, and it does make you feel good and is good, but you have to eat a LOT of matter if you are eating vegan. I remember stuffing my face with pounds of spinach to try to reach my iron requirements etc. Often by the end of the day I couldn’t eat anymore but would force myself to just to read 100% of RDA’s.