Is Soylent vegan right now and what does it taste like?


I’m trying to look through the forums and look through the information. Unfortunately I don’t have any free time to do that, so I was hoping if others on this forum that are vegan that have already done their homework, if they can give me a quick yes or no if this product is 100% or not. And I’d like to know; what does it taste like?

That’s pretty much all I really want to know about it right now.


The most recent blog post sums up the vegan situation pretty well, while previous posts and news outlets have been covering their experience with the taste.
TL;DR? Yes, but it comes with fish oil packets that are optional to add.

However, it may not be possible for the first set of batches shipped to exclude them due to the complexity of adding another variable to orders (source).


So they make the fish oil optional but at the same time not? The company should make this a pretty solid choice if its going to be there. It either is an option or isn’t an option to opt out of.

Well, I honestly don’t feel I can buy from this company until its clear cut that I won’t be receiving anything with animal product in it. I appreciate the answer. Thank you for letting me know.


Where they say, “Is there a vegan version of Soylent” on their main page, they say, “We’re pretty sure it will be Vegan! We’ll be publishing the final ingredients in a few weeks.”

What the hell is that supposed to mean? The company doesn’t know their own product? Wtf?


Because they dont know if a particular source will be available at the amount they need it. They have 10x the amount of orders as originally planned.


As was mentioned in the blog post:

We have tried hard to find a suitable (in nutritional content, price,
availability, etc) substitute for fish oil as a source of Omega 3s.
Unfortunately, fish oil will be the one non-vegan ingredient in
Soylent. But don’t fret! Soylent will be shipped with the oils
separately (in 2oz vials that are mixed in to each daily batch), so
vegans/vegetarians will be able to easily replace the Soylent oil
blend with their own choice of oil. In the future we hope to offer a
product that is 100% vegan, but we had to make this compromise for our
initial formula.

The question of a idealogical conflict has also been addressed above.


Does that mean they are even trying to guarantee that the vitamins aren’t sourced from animals? Vitamin D is sometimes synthesized by UV-B radiation of milk.
When they can, they should make two versions, some would prefer cheaper over vegan. Vegans will obviously prefer vegan over cheaper. It’d be amazing if the cheaper version is also vegan.


The problem there is most vegans are vegan on moral grounds, so they wouldn’t want to buy an animal product in general. It’s not so much about the ingestion of the product in particular.


"Unfortunately, fish oil will be the one non-vegan ingredient in
Soylent. "

Oh. I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you say so? Unfortunately, I can’t give you a cent of my money then. That’s too bad.

As far as the fish oil, I don’t want them sending it to me even if its on the side separate. I don’t want my money even paying for that fish oil. And to be honest, I don’t want to give money to a company that even purchases animal product. By me paying for anything from them, even if its vegan, I’m still funding their company which buys fish oil. I hope the company can put 2 and 2 together and get the bigger picture when I say that.


Yep, I don’t think they realize that they’re alienating a portion of their consumer-base by even purchasing any animal products. That ‘minority’ as they’ve called us (vegans) is probably larger than they think, too.


So just on the off chance you’ve misunderstood, or just recently read of Soylent somewhere else in another context – this is a new product that’s currently in development, it doesn’t actually exist commercially yet. That’s why they didn’t have a decision about fish oil until recently, they’re still researching the “best” nutrient sources that balance cost, composition, acceptance, etc.

There are a lot of DIY soylent recipes out there, so if you’re interested in the concept but not this ingredient list, you could look at

Yeah, the fish oil thread that was linked earlier makes a pretty solid point of that… I’d expect this week’s blog post to respond to it (the fish oil announcement was only a few days ago).


"Soylent somewhere else in another context – this is a new product that’s currently in development – it doesn’t actually exist yet. "

If it doesn’t exist yet, why on earth or they selling it on their front page? Either way though, I’m just stating that I won’t pay them for anything if I know the product isn’t vegan, that my money is paying for animal product, or I’m funding a company that regularly buys fish oil. Simple as that.


They’re not, as such. It’s really a pre-order, following the crowdfunded campaign a few months ago that funded the start-up. I think that used to be stated explicitly on the front page, but it looks like the term “Pre-Order” got replaced with “order now and receive in December”. I’ll agree that putting the words “Pre-Order” on the page would probably be more helpful than not… Especially considering you’re not the first person to make that misunderstanding.

It would probably be appropriate to tag @JulioMiles in this post, and perhaps the suggestion will make it into the pipeline. :smile:


If its a pre-order, why doesn’t it say right on the front page. Some people don’t understand “receive in December” as preorder. They are just wonder, “Why is it going to take that long?” If they reached their financial goal and their funding was successful, I don’t see any excuse for why things aren’t up and running functionally. This is stuff they should have been working on as they were receiving the fundings.

You don’t work for this company, do you? lol.

Yeah, sure. XD Why not? Lets get the whole gang in here if possible.


No, I don’t work for them, haha. Also, the way most crowdfunding campaigns work, they don’t actually get the funds until the end of the campaign, so they couldn’t really start work until it ended (which was fairly recently, as far as the business world is concerned). They ended up with more than 10x the demand they expected, so putting everything together on that scale has caused delays. I know you said you’ve been busy, but if you have a chance to read through their blog, they’ve been pretty completely transparent about exactly what they’re doing, what they’re spending time on, and what the next thing is. This post is probably a good place to start.

Also, for context, Julio is VP of the company, and handles a lot of the customer/community interaction – tagging him in a post means he’ll get a little notification next time he comes here (and/or an email), letting him know someone mentioned him directly. He may or may not end up writing a full response to either the “Pre Order” term suggestion or the vegan issue right here on the forum, but the team has historically been open to feedback, so I’m sure they’ll both be taken under consideration at the very least. Like I said, with the attention that fish oil has been getting since the last blog post, it’s possible they’ll address it in their next update.

As far as the info we have now though, it was pretty clear on the last update that fish oil is hard to get past for at least the first official release, so it may be that this won’t be a supportable company for you for a little while. As stated in the blog though, they’re working on a 100% vegan ingredient set for the future, so it is on the horizon :grin:


Alright. That’s understandable. I totally understand what you are telling me about how they are funded and with how much demand they have.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be buying from this company at all. Just a personal preference. I’m not comfortable with the fact that they are okay with using animal product (fish oil) in any of their products. That’s their choice, but I can’t buy from a company that does that. Even if they do come out with a vegan version.

I appreciate the very detailed information you provided me, good sir.


And you guys thought I was bad…


Hey, as far as I’m concerned he came with a valid personal concern, voiced it, got his answer, thanked the community for input, and appears to have all intention to peaceably leave it at that.

IIRC, a bunch of people took issue with your posts because of a bit of delay on the “peaceably leave it be” :wink: (though fair’s fair, that looks to have all cooled off now as well, so no ill will toward the past)


The irony was that it was the Crowd Funding Knights that kept dragging it on. Had they just said, meh, we see your point but try and have some patience it would have just ended at that, instead people kept telling us what we could and couldn’t do.

That’s what fuelled it.


Yeah, I’ll agree with you there. It does take (at least) two to argue, and a lot of the responses in that thread were not very constructive either. Speaking to my own, I try to make relatively balanced/information driven posts in hopes to avoid that when possible, but the best way approach that sort of debate isn’t always clear.

In an effort to re-rail the thread though, this looks like a bit of a tricky situation for the company… starting out with fish oil could very well alienate others who feel very strongly about company outlook re: vegan philosophy – but taking the time to find a (reasonable) alternative would probably serve to further aggravate the existing delays. This thread might need to get condensed and moved over to the existing fish oil one, but it’s a pretty valid topic overall.