Is Soylent vegetarian / vegan?


Are all the ingredients of Soylent from vegetarian or vegan sources? If not which ones aren’t?

Would it be possible to have an alternate formula where all ingredients were vegan, even if that is at higher cost?


I believe the whey has milk in it, which may or may not conflict with a vegan lifestyle (not sure where they draw a line) I am sure there are other alternatives for protein.


Whey is definitely not vegan. But you can substitute it with soy protein, right? At least you can if you make your own.

When soylent is available to the masses I hope we’ll either be able to choose the protein used or buy it without protein and add the protein of your choice.

But what about other ingredients? For example calcium. Does it come from shells or bones or something? (Maybe that’s crazy. This isn’t my area of expertise at all.)


I’m certain that @rob will be releasing a vegan formula. I don’t recall reading that anywhere, but when dealing with alternate food lifestyles, you kinda can’t exclude veganism from the planning stage.


Whey doesn’t have milk in it – but milk has whey in it : ) Whey is just the liquid you get after curdling milk.


Thanks for the clarification. You would think after working on a dairy for a year I would know this.


I believe the Omega-3 is sourced from Fish Oil, which conflicts with both Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyles… Not sure if there’s anything else. (Aside from the Whey already mentioned.)

A Vegan formula would be fantastic. :smiley:


There’s hemp and flax oil. It’s unclear if they have the same benefits of fish oil (and it’s unclear what benefits fish oil even has, honestly), but they do in fact have omega-3 fatty acids of various kinds in them.


Soylent is vegetarian, but not vegan. I will be providing a vegan version separately because it is more expensive. People have told me they are willing to pay a little more for a vegan version but I’d still like to offer one using whey that is as cheap as possible. Perhaps at some point we can figure out a novel way to produce amino acids cheaper than cows can. Synthetic biology?

Flax oil does not have the EPA and DHA fatty acids, but it does have an acid (ALA) that the body can use to synthesize EPA and DHA, it just takes more energy, and the conversion efficiency is low. This will be the source of the omega 3’s in the vegan version.

One of my favorite parts of soylent is many ingredients don’t come from food at all. For example, potassium comes from sylvite, and calcium comes from limestone. No farming or livestock required.


Sweet! You’re the man Rob. :]


soy protein has everything that whey protein has. the reason that whey is cheaper is that dairy farming is heavily subsidised.

as to omega 3, linseed oil is an excellent source of omega 3.

as always, on a vegan diet, think about your vitamin B12 levels! b12 malnutrition may lead to severe irreversible damage to the central nervous system.


I’m curious about soy-free since some people (like my wife) have allergic reactions to it. The Lecitin emulsifier piece is the only part that I can see that would be from soy. Is there a emulsifier replacement that would be soy-free?


A 60% Pea protein, 40% Hemp protein mixture should effectively give the same benefits as Soy protein from what my research has shown.

More info here:


There are algae based DHA sources, quite expensive of course.


For the vegan version I’d look into algae-based DHA as well as potato protein to replace the whey. Protein protein isolate is nearly the plant-based version of whey. It has the highest % of essential amino acids compared to any other vegetable protein and is higher in BCAAs than whey protein. The only amino acid it really lacks is theanine i believe, but throw a dash of pea protein in there and you’re good!


Just posting here to echo the sentiment that I’ll pay more for vegan as well. Thanks!


It appears that with the new ingredients it will be vegan. But you may want to double check are there are different “types” of vegan, or so I have been told.


How do you order the vegan soylent? Just direct message @rob?


The current blend of Soylent looks to be vegan by default. The original Crowdhoster page still says that the first run will not be vegan, but the most recent ingredients list can be found here and indicates that they’ve switched from whey protein to a vegan source. So, (probably) no special order required!


“I believe the Omega-3 is sourced from Fish Oil”

I seriously doubt that. Omega-3 from fish source is too expensive when compared to Flaxseed, which is the best source for Omega-3. BTW, I’m not referring to flaxseed oil, but actual flaxseed themselves. Flaxseed oil is generally not recommended as it goes rancid easily and doesn’t taste as good according to Dr. Michael Gregor.