Is sunflower oil healthy?

Mainly for usage in baking breads and buns, substituting butter?

the bad

Wow, this must be a new record in low-effort posting!

If you get the high-oleic kind, which is mostly monounsaturated fat (omega-9), it should be fine. Monounsaturated fat is probably the safest and least controversial kind of fat around.


How would you possibly ascertain and verify that?

  • High oleic oil is any oil that is high in monounsaturated fats.
    like Spectrum Naturals High Heat Safflower Oil, Organic for example

So, one should look for mid and high.


A quick google search would be a bit quicker and richer in info lthan typing it in here and waiting for an answer and criticizing the lack of effort in the answers. Just sayin’. And keep in mind edible oil industries have been at war with each other for decades and have been known to spread false info on one another, for example the demonization of lard and butter which, it turns out, are in fact fairly healthy when consumed in moderation. That goes for many oils, when consumed in moderation.

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If it’s high-oleic, it will say so on the label.

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