Is the DIY site open source?


I’m a web developer, sometimes I have some free time that I feel like I want to put towards making improvement to the DIY site.

Is it open source? Does it accept outside patches/pull-requests?


I don’t think it is, but @NickP runs it, send him a PM if you don’t get an answer here.


Would be awesome if it would be available. Not trying to hijack the thread or anything, but open source is great, but free (as in freedom) software would actually be what I would love it to be.
For more details on the difference see Richard Stallmans essays:


I think eating toe cheese is a serious and relevant reason to discredit anything RMS has ever said. Someone whose mind can’t process the fact that you just don’t do that in public isn’t a febrile factory of wonder.

His total lack of awareness of the existence of other points of view is nigh on infuriating.

I’m totally for open source, but the type of open source that doesn’t impose virulent dogma and infect every piece of software that it touches with asinine political garbage. MIT or public domain, all the way. I don’t care what you do with software I write most of the time, and when I do care all I ask for is credit.


This DIY site isn’t currently open source, though there are several open source soylent related projects up on GitHub:

There’s also a way of getting recipe data via JSON if you want to create your own project. Just append ‘/json’ to the end of a recipe URL, like this:

I’m planning on making a developer page on the DIY site with links and information for all this stuff.


Thanks @nickp for the response.

The reason I asked is because I wanted at least 2 features:

  • Ability to specify nutrient ratios in nutrition profiles (e.g. omega-6 to omega-3)
  • Not having to refresh the page after changing some ingredient amounts


Not wanting to start a discussion here.
But just to answer that. Sure I get your point and free software even from Stallman’s view is not against MIT or public domain. That’s why there is the LGPL license. GPL or copyleft is just one way Stallman tried to use copyright to enforce a more open approach (I have to admit it comes with it’s own regulation itself, but it is much more feasible for the general public).
So yeah MIT and public domain is great, but actually both are considered permissive free software licenses. Open source just isn’t always used with the freedom of users in mind and therefore I like things to be free (as in freedom) and not just to get the source (I mean source is great, but if I can’t use it it doesn’t really help).


come on guys … it’s a website … a grid service … stop talking about free vs open-source.