Is the new 216.75 price permanent?


I didn’t get an email or explanation about it, just says pioneer next price is 216 instead of 255


Where are you seeing this? I don’t see it on the website…


It’s on the page where it shows your orders.

Your next billing is on 25-Feb-2015. If your next billing date is 01-Jan-2022, please disregard. You will receive your first shipment per the shipping timeline provided in your subscription confirmation email. Once you receive your first shipment, your next billing date will be updated automatically. If you have already received your first shipment of Soylent and your next billing date is 01-Jan-2022, please contact

Soylent - 28 Bags / Month ($255.00 x 1)
af2b6027ae95fb3b7c034db3c8e9ad1c419b7a1f - Soylent Pioneer (15% off)



Oh wait, that’s the 15% discount they offered everyone on their next order, to make up for the issues lately.

And it doesn’t say that for me either… hmmmm.


So just this month?..


Assuming it’s the 15% that I think it is, then yeah it should be on only a single order. But that’s an assumption.


hmmmm, well it doesn’t say “because of screw ups lately” it says “Pioneer” meaning maybe just some of us get it and maybe forever… :slight_smile:


Hey I’m all for that! LOL I would be most appreciative of a permanent pioneer discount. We certainly qualify! :smiley:


It is a one time discount on your next order. Right I think any one who has tried Soylent is called a pioneer.
From the recent email:
"Again, we apologize for this delay, and we truly appreciate your patience. To show our appreciation for your continued support, we are applying a 15% discount to your next order. This change will be reflected on your Soylent subscription account. "


I didn’t get any such email, or discount (I’m not complaining … just saying). It probably only applies to those whose orders actually got delayed from the recent QA mishap.


Most likely true. If you have not already gotten your first order and have a subscription it probably does not apply


Yeah screw those of us who have already been waiting 6 months.


I’m on a subscription but saw no delays. No 15% discount. I assume it was only for the people with affected orders and I assume it’s just a one-time deal.


So guess what? Not only is this 15% discount a one-time thing and only for those people who had a recent shipping delay, but if you happen to have multiple subscriptions - as we do - the discount will ONLY be applied to the specific subscription that was actually DUE to ship during the delay period, and NOT actually to “your next order” as the email stated.

In other words, we’re getting 15% off of next month’s 7 bag subscription, rather than 15% off our 28 bag subscription which actually was “the next order” and was just billed to us. Yet more communication that’s as clear as mud.


Much sad.


Yo that’s messed up.


… So you’re saying your 7-bag order was delayed, and they’re offering a discount on your next 7-bag order because of it. Bring out the pitchforks! :scream:

There’s plenty of things to be upset at Rosa Labs about, I don’t think this is one of them.


Oh come on, no pitchforks. My point is simply that they weren’t clear in their communication. Their statement was that the discount would be on “your next order”, not “the next order of this specific subscription”. Therefore my expectation was that my next order would see the discount, and when it didn’t… I think it was pretty understandable to initially feel like I’d gotten kinda screwed over. Having it explained doesn’t do anything to lessen that feeling.

Their multi-subscription handling is unfortunately very crude and confusing, and as such is going to require extra careful communication in order to avoid things like this.


I figured it’d be common sense with that wording, given that the discount didn’t appear out of the blue without context. The context was given earlier in the email in that this discount is specifically due to the delay of a specific order, and typically in English following references to an earlier mention are shortened / utilize pronouns / etc. as the “next order” is already defined.

In public communication, brevity is far more common than thorough explanations. Cars aren’t advertised as “354 horsepower, but only when the engine is running at peak torque in gear 5 at 6930 rpm”, car range estimates aren’t advertised “500 miles. Warning: Full range only available when gas tank is filled to capacity with 20 gallons of gasoline”, so on and so forth.


Well then I must simply be illiterate and incapable of comprehending the written word. Makes me wonder how I ever managed to participate in this forum. /sarcasm


That was funny, that guy above must be really bored. I never got an email about my discount but I’m sure he didn’t even think of that.