Is the plastic wrap on 2.0 bottles recyclable?


I have been removing it and recycling only the bottle & lid as some info online (not specific to Soylent) seemed to indicate the wrapping is a non recyclable plastic, but am I in fact wasting my time doing this?

Potential for an environmentally friendly Soylent bottle? Glass, Aluminium, Plastic Substitute

I’d like to know myself.

But that’s more so I know whether I can toss the wrapper in the recycle bin – I’d bet that most recycle centers will reject both the bottles and the wrappers if they aren’t separated.

Meanwhile, I have a pseudo-bottle growing on my desk at work, with wrappers wrapped around each other. :slightly_smiling:


My local garbage company just says they take plastic. Nothing about different kinds of plastic or whether it needs the recycling number on it. My assumption was that they are either throwing away all the plastic or melting it all together and making something out of that.

I would love to know the actual answer to this but think it might be different for each different garbage company.


As I understand it, there are many different types of plastic. I believe they are separated into the different components after they are collected. That is what I have always heard, anyway. Even things like the cap on a soda bottle is usually a different type of plastic than the bottle itself, and needs to be separated. I do not believe they “melt it all together”, because the different plastics are incompatible with each other. However, I think you can pretty much put any type of plastic in the bin and they have advanced enough technology that they can separate it

(Note: I could be wrong about any or all of that.)


I have emailed Soylent and will post their response.


Hey Soylent2.0, any update on this?


^^Yeah, any update? Need to know to keep it on or take em off.


The wrapping should be recyclable as well.

Their response.


[I]Should[/I] be? lol


Le sigh…

I’ve kinda been taking the wrappers off myself, too. Which seems like a HUGE waste of plastic given that it’s… exactly the same… as the bottle… already is…

… like, it’s a pure white wrapper covering a pure white bottle… just the wrapper says “Soylent” at the bottom. Seriously guys, couldn’t just print that onto the bottle? Or just… not print it at all? I’d vote for “not printing it at all” over “printing a huge white label over the bottle just to say Soylent”.


And what about the new foil cap? if it isn’t then people shouldn’t be putting it inside their empty bottles.

I think I want Soylent via IV bags as the next form factor, BTW. Like how I get my whiskey currently.


I totally agree with this. Soylent, please just PRINT YOUR BRAND ON YOUR BOTTLE. Wasteful.


I wish we knew what was in the gusset pouches too so we can discuss with our local recycling centers.


It’s mylar and something I think.

I wish they’d print their labels right on the bottle with soy ink so there’s soy inside and out.


Or smear it on in algae.


It’s cost prohibitive.


Can’t you program the same dot-matrix printer that prints lot numbers & expiration dates, to print a logo & branding as well? That’d look super chic.


The sleeves and bottles are done separately.


Well, poo. I guess you’ve considered it, and thus no point beating a dead horse :wink: It’s a really minor thing, and I can’t complain, given all the other things Soylent is already doing to reduce waste (and in contrast to the countless other companies that don’t even care).



The grinders for recyclables typically get clogged with plastic bags. Grocery stores that accept bags for recycling keep them isolated for normal recycling and they can go through a special grinder. Those are always LDPE bags, so I’m guessing they can’t handle other materials. I consider the wrapper material thin enough that it would be a grinder-clogging risk, so I throw them out.