Is The Shipping Backlog As Bad As I Think?


I kept throwing the idea of Soylent around to a family member, and they finally decided on buying a months-worth of Soylent (about two days ago).

I recently discovered this forum, and a couple of posts I read have some pretty concerning shipment times, mainly ranging from an additional 1-2 months on-top of the 2+ month queue, and some people (original backers?) even reporting never receiving Soylent over more than a year.

I really like the idea of Soylent, but the idea of waiting what could be more than a year to even receive it isn’t too ideal. Not to mention, I don’t know exactly if I’ll be living at the same address in that timeframe, and would really hate to forget all about Soylent just to have it shipped out to my old address at some point.

But maybe there’s the chance that some of these reported timeframes aren’t the case for everyone? Maybe some people received Soylent in a timeframe less than the reported 10-12 week period currently being stated? Maybe the people mentioning the year+ delays are unfortunate isolated cases (no offense of course)?


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