Is there a COMPLETE vitamin and mineral supplement?


Been googling and researching (including here) and not really finding anything close. Most of the common ‘complete’ multivitamins are low on 8-10 minerals, including:
One Daily Superfood
GNC MegaMen
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw
Centrum Silver
Nature Made Multi for Him (the best so fad but still short on 8 minerals.

This should be a no-brainer but… :frowning:



This has come up a few times and no one has found the prefect pill yet. Most likely these manufacturers are expecting the missing items to be found abundantly in your diet, so they exclude them.


I don’t know of a complete one that you’re looking for, but a couple more popular ones to go with those you already mentioned are Kirkland Signature (Costco store brand also found on Amazon), Rainbow Light, and Equate (Walmart generic Centrum).


I agree with Kennufs. Remember, they’re sold as “supplements,” not “completes.” They’re intended to supplement a diet with the things most likely to be lower than ideal. You can find higher and lower potencies easily, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a formula with a full supply of calcium and choline and K.

And, of course, supplement makers struggle with the fact that different people want different things in “higher supply.” Some people want lots of C, others want lots of D, others want those much lower but want a lot of calcium… You can have 10 formulas of multi, or you can have one formula and let people buy the add-ons they want.

Personally, because I’m trying to maximize my chances of health and longevity, I like this formulation:

I found this to be a bit expensive before soylent, even when buying ten at a time at the “member” price. However, it works out fine in my DIY formula… because I only have to add choline, calcium, and K to my formula. My DIY still works out under $7 a day for 2000 Kcal with this high-end supplement in it, and the supplement has a lot of the unproven phytonutrients and plant extracts which may have beneficial effects - stuff that is otherwise missing from my oat flour/maltodextrin/whey powder concoctions.


@MentalNomad, It looks like you can get it cheaper through Amazon than their member price.


Life Extensions is 9 large tablets per day, and pretty foul-tasting according to reviewers. :frowning:


I was doing some more digging this morning and then it occurred to me that it’s not vitamins that were lacking, but minerals.

Instead of looking for a multivitamin/multimineral that had everything, I looked for a multimineral that would fill the gaps. I found “Country Life Total Mins” that did the job pretty well. Combined with a decent multivitamin and a basic DIY recipe, the only things lacking was:

Potassium (which I don’t think there’s a way around that since it’s more of a bulk mineral)

Choline- which I supplement already with alpha-GPC

Per day cost would be $0.23 for 2 tablets plus the multivitamin ($0.05 for Nature Made Multi Complete) so $0.28/day and only 3 tablets total. That sounds pretty darn good to me!



Here’s a quick recipe (my first!) with this combination in a low carb version of Clean Fuel. Could be tweaked but it’s in the ballpark.


Some people have been happy with the one-a-day women’s multivitamins. They don’t have crazy high amounts like others do.


I buy them in sets of 10 for the member price of $52.13. The Amazon price is $59.49.


Gotcha, I had seen the member price at $73, but hadn’t checked for bulk discounts.


Make sure you’re doing this in context of an actual recipe. Oat flour and different protein powder have various trace components already in them (naturally, for oat flour, and from added items in protein powders.)

You’re doing pretty well if all you need to add separately is potassium and choline - and I haven’t seen any supplement that covers choline. My (expensive high-end) supplement covers the potassium, but I have to cover the choline, calcium, sodium, and, strangely enough, Vitamin K.


I don’t taste them, I swallow them - and I never notice the taste. If you split them up over three meals, it’s just 3 tablets per. I tend to do breakfast/dinner, and actually take five each, for ten daily - but I’m a very large active man. The tablets aren’t large, they’re typical, to me.

I did try using the powder version, and putting it in the mix. Bad idea. Terrible flavor effect; adds sourness and bitterness, which I attributed mostly to the vitamin C.

I’ve been using up the powder, dissolved in a little water, as a daily vitamin outside the soylent: it has an intense sour/blueberry/tart grass taste. It’s more than just the sourness of the vitamin C, and it’s not a flavor that goes well into a mix, unless you’re making something tart to cover it, like lemonade flavor drink or something. Not recommended for blending.

I’m going back to the tablets, which I’ve used for a long time. They have no flavor, to me, but I don’t chew or suck on them. Just wet and swallow.

In the end, I’d much rather do my supplements as tablets, rather that putting them in the soylent - less ingredients to measure mix when making batches, and fewer things to mess with the flavor profile. Also, I’m noticing that I don’t need to pre-soak my powder before the oil, or to chill it, to avoid unpleasant flavors… in fact, I’m toying with how much I can heat it in the microwave when I want a warm drink for a meal, and it still tastes fine.


Not complete but pretty close:

Nutribar: Nutritional info

It’s marketed as a meal replacement


Ah, how did I forget this one?

Vega One Nutritional Shake

One serving supposedly has “50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals”

So far I only tried the “natural” (tasteless) version once or twice … but it tasted like grass (even after I added milk and juices).

I think I want to try one of the other flavors.

This obviously marketed for vegetarians/vegans.

I’ve also seen a similar product marketed as “raw food”. I forgot what it was called. I’ll try to find it and report back.


Your not going to find a single supplement that will give you 100% of everything. The manufacturer is assuming your eating food that will give you allot of what the pill isn’t and they don’t want to accidentally give you an over dose on the nutrients.


I just came across this - being sold as a vitamin mix for people making their own meal replacements:

I have no idea if it’s complete - I just thought some of you might be interested.



Just a quick look and it’s missing Vit. K so that’s as far as I got. It may be useful for people mixing a custom blend.

I’m not looking for a powder. I want to take the vitamins as a pill rather than have to taste them in a drink, or try to mask their taste.


This is the vitamin I use. If anyone has any recommendations on something better, please do let me know…


I’ve been on Amway’s Double X supplement for about 3 years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

First of all, yes it is expensive. You can order refills for much cheaper through Amazon. Secondly, I only take half the recommended dosage because I feel my diet covers enough of my metabolic requirements.

For me it’s only 3 pills a day. I space them out and always take them on a full stomach. One is a multivitamin, one is a multimineral, and one is a phytonutrient complex.

This is about as complete as supplement as I’ve been able to find that doesn’t involve taking 15 pills a day. Of course some things can’t really be had through any supplement: potassium for example is regulated to 1% by the FDA because stupid people have taken too much of it and punched holes in their stomachs.

I started taking it back in 2011 because I felt there were serious deficits in my limited diet, and because I was chronically lacking energy despite sleeping very well. The change was not immediate, but after a few months I began to feel much healthier.

Even today with Soylent in my diet, I still trust the Double X to keep me running in peak shape. It isn’t cheap, but most good things never are.