Is there a "Newbie Guide" out there?

I’ve been poking around the forums and found that, over the years, people have asked newbie questions. But I haven’t seen if there’s any sort of “Newbie Guide” for Soylent – you know, best mixing tips, what the common flavorings are people use, etc? Most of the threads I’ve seen have been a year-plus old and about older Soylent versions as well, and I know some things have changed in recent formulations.

If there isn’t one … what are some of the things I should probably know (besides what’s in the FAQ) about starting soylent? Tricks, tips, best practices? I am probably going to try a 1-week 100% replacement and see how that goes.

Here is what the company provides:

That should answer the vast majority of your questions.

*Heads up – going 100% right off the bat tends to lead to a bad experience. Rosa Labs suggests that you ease into it (more details in the release notes).

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I went 100% right from the start, and I would not recommend it. You will likely get headaches and other aches/pains which will be uncomfortable. I would recommend switching slowly over the course of a week or two, by gradually working it in to your diet.

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Thanks codemaker. I looked right past that doc. They need to give it a more descriptive title than “Release Notes”. :smile:

Also thanks on tip for going 100%. I will consider easing into it.


Theory: it is easier to go 100% out-the-gate with v1.4 and v1.5.

I am speculating that the decrease in protein and fiber, as well as other tweaks, have made the adjustment better for a lot of people.


Am especially interested in anyone who started 50%+. (I started at 50% with v1.4, and didn’t experience any of the adverse reactions of others.)


Anytime. Let us know how it goes, opinions are valued here :smile:

I went 100% on day one of 1.4.
Soylent actually wiped out my typical headaches, which I now recognize were related to uneven sugar levels.
The challenge came from adapting to new fiber-to-solid ratios. Things went wild on-and-off few days at a time, with gas, irregularity and so on. This is why I would also recommend to ramp up intake over few days.
Other perceived benefits (energy levels, mental clarity, controlling hunger) were so stunning to me that I quickly dismissed the minor annoyances and I patiently waited for things to settle.

I went all in without a problem. I was using my DIY in the days of legend, before Soylent flowed to the masses.

I started at about 50% with 1.3 with no bad effects.

Someone should start writing a Soylent for Dummies. Send the NY Times a free copy.

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I eased myself in gradually and after a week pretty much 100% with no adverse affects

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50% is where I will probably start, after a “test” day. It’s the old Slim-Fast model: “Have a delicious shake for breakfast and lunch, and then eat a sensible dinner” :).

Now I just need to get the Soylent. [Goes off and checks her shipping status … ]