Is there a plan for Soylent to become available at retail?


Assuming that the final product is well received and many of the original purchasers renew/purchase more, is there a plan for Soylent to be available in retail stores? And how would this be distinguished from any other “meal replacement” food? (Though that might be more of a marketing question better suited for another thread)


They want it to be available in retail as a long-term goal. I suspect that road is going to take a while, given the knee-jerk reactions I see from people.


My guess is that it will show up at Amazon way before it shows up at Costco or Safeway.


I’d rather see Soylent become an MLM distributive than be at retail, to be honest. Have teams, referrals, commissions, all that fun stuff.

I’d also like to see different retail formulae eventually. Have a Keto Soylent for those that want to drop weight, a Bulker Soylent for those want to gain wait, a Mana Soylent for those that want all natural real-food ingredients. And of course, just the standard, low cost Soylent.


Great. A soylent cult. Just what we need.(/satire)

I really dont think the amway model is the answer.


I’m hoping for Amazon… main reason is they have a service where they
deliver your package to a nearby 7-11 instead of leaving it on your porch.

They call it Amazon Locker, I like it very much.

Long term, sure, I’d love to see it at a Brick & Morter store.


Anytime a product moves into an MLM distribution model, price usually doubles so that everyone on a so called team (pyramid) can have a piece of the pie.