Is there a shipping update thread?


First off, no I don’t mean to flame. I ordered my first batch of soylent at the beginning of this month after a bit a research and figured eh it should actually be interesting to see how it goes. Now I’m just wondering whats up with the horrible communication that goes on here? I find it a little funny typing this out as I read threads about people ordering it 6-8 months ago and still not getting it.

At first glance, ok a 2-3 month wait, alright I wasn’t a kickstarter supporter or anything I can bide my time. Nearly a month goes by and I get an email with ecstatic news about soylent expanding and now back-orders should go a lot quicker. No actual mention of if this will affect me waiting another 1-2 months or anything so I figure a simple question for customer support and I’ll be happy even if they say it’ll be a full 2 months.

Well I got a nice email saying it would be another 4-5 months. Mm, alright. So I’m at 4-5 months now, why does the site still say 2-3 months? Also why does it take me bugging someone with an email for them to tell me August, 2014 orders are still shipping.

TL;DR I’ve found a couple dead threads that stopped being updated 6 months ago about shipping updates any new one I can follow so I don’t have to make long drawn out posts like this to entertain myself while I try to find it myself? :smiley:


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