Is there a Soylent Demo?


I just learned about Soylent and I’m unsure if it’s something I’d like. I’m a picky eater and I really like sweet things. Is it possible to get a small packet of it to help me decide if I like it?


Depending on where you live, someone might be willing to send you a days worth. But officially there is a minimum of 7 days, and it will be quite a while before you get it… last alternative is buying diy premade or from amazon.


You might be able to find a local forum member who would be willing to let you try some. I did that with another member early on when I was among the very first batch of people to receive it, and he went on to become a subscriber. We met up at a nearby Starbucks, I brought a bottle of Soylent and some cups. :slight_smile:


Ok. Now to find someone in my area :laughing: I guess I’ll make a new topic.


You might as well ask in here.


Ok, anyone in the Roseville, California area that would let me demo the drink? o:


There’s also the option of hitting up eBay, you’ll find several sellers offering a day’s worth for a (usually) reasonable price.


Thanks for raising this option.
Some people tend to be angry when somebody is advising to buy 1 bag from resellers for reasonable premium.
I’m in favor of this, because official Soylent so far have no way “to try” the product.
If some guy (as OP for example) after trying 1 bag will make transaction Today and order 28 bags per month - everybody will just benefit from this, besides micro effect on the re-sellers market (that are going to die out anyway at some point in the Spring/Summer).


And for that matter, many of the earnest resellers (the ones that charge the least) are reselling it because it didn’t work for them and they want to give others a shot whilst cutting their losses.