Is there a way to block other members in the forum?


Let’s say there was someone on the forum whose posts are consistently annoying to you and you just don’t want to see them anymore. Is it possible to make their posts invisible? I’m not saying they should be banned, just invisible to you…


^^ This. Especially considering the trollerific posts that occur in some threads. They perhaps don’t venture far enough to get edited/deleted/blocked by moderators, but I’d be happy if I could block the user generating such content, and ideally hide all posts by that blocked user as a result (thus making such threads cleaner to read, and on-topic)


There’s nothing for that built into discourse that I know of, but you can mute notifications from people of your choice by going to “preferences”, scrolling down to the “muted” box, and then entering the usernames of the people who annoy you.


I agree, and would love such a feature @codinghorror

It has become more rare that toxic people post on discourse, but in light of a recent reemerged person… I would love for that feature…

Also note to everyone… Stop calling everyone trolls… Not every negative person on the internet is a “troll” often they are just “toxic”


@Tordenskjold, you tagged the wrong person, think you meant to tag @codemaker

Agreed re: toxic.

@codemaker, good find on the Mute option. I’m surprised Discourse doesn’t add a Mute button to a user’s profile, that would be a nice shortcut.


No, he meant to tag @codinghorror; he is a co-founder of discourse.


Ah, didn’t realize he co-founded Discourse. Nice. Big fan of Stack Exchange tho


Probably not going to happen.
According to the discourse blog:


Where is this “user page” that contains the muted user section?

#10[username]/preferences (replace [username] with your username), then scroll all the way down to the bottom. It looks like it’s only for notifications.


Ah if it’s notifications only then it’s not what I believe any of us were hoping for. Bummer. Having personal control over what content you have to wade through to get to what you want, would be rather nice.


Sure, but is it the right solution to the problem?

Maybe it’s better to tell such people what the community norms are, and if they persistently ignore that, then ban them from the forum altogether.

(I’m entirely unfamiliar with how this stuff works on Discourse sites, but I did listen to every episode of the Stack Overflow podcast, where @codinghorror and Joel Spolsky discussed at length the technical and social challenges in making online communities work, whilst building what is now the Stack Exchange community. The main thing I learned is that the interactions between software interface design and the behaviour of people in a community are not simple.)


The devs are stubbornly against implementing such a feature, no matter what the community may want.

Fortunately, there are other ways to achieve a fully functional block list on Discourse; there’s a way to do it via the plugin Stylish (search around here, I remember seeing a thread/post about it) or you could do what I did and make your own script. (I won’t post it or share it, sorry, it’s MINE!)

I’ve found this place is much more enjoyable since adding a few folks to my block list. :sunny:


Honestly, if someone is annoying, I just ignore them.
I set my preferences so it only tracks posts I manually track, and if a conversation is obviously non-productive, I don’t track that.


One of the problems probably with the world in general is that we can customize the information we receive to a greater and greater degree. As a result, we live in echo chambers that confirm our opinions. We get news, information, and opinion from groups we know in advance will tend to agree with us.

Being able to render people invisible to us at will is the logical continuation of that process. We will be able to have discussions not even knowing that articulate points of view that we need to know in order to come to balanced conclusions are unknown to us.


Thank you so much for that piece of wisdom! Years ago I collaborated with an interdisciplinary research group. It was a turbulent experience with a lot of personality clashes. There was one member of the group with whom I worked closely. Our relationship was so contentious that we could hardly stand to be in the same room with each other! However, we stuck it out and made several fundamental breakthroughs in our field. Several of our co-authored papers resulting from our research were published in Nature.


I love (and likely over-use) the “like” button.
Sometimes I wish there was a “dislike” button.

(Note: Not directed towards anything in this thread; I was just putting it in this thread since it was about forum features.)




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I debated using :broken_heart: