Is there a way to block other members in the forum?


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When discourse allows “blocks,” @inquirerer and @Ric just moved to the top of many’s lists…

So you and @inquirerer would be the new kids on the block?


Indeed - you’re sort of preaching to the choir.

However, the situation you describe is not always the case.

Can I smash the like button any more times?

Quick challenge: search google for "news"
Mine tended to be more news aggregator sites like Yahoo and Google news.
But for some, it will show up as cnn, others fox, and others msnbc/huffPost…

Yes, use the mute function on your user preferences. That covers notifications and PMs.

If a user is disruptive enough to bother one person, they are usually disruptive enough to cause problems for a lot of people in the community, and that means the situation should be handled by moderators – not swept under the rug of manual block lists.

…but if someone is annoying enough to want to block yet not enough for the majority to get them booted, then a customized manual block works flawlessly. Not even quotes show up. :blush:

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The thing is, those of us who would like to mute certain people, would like to mute them from the conversations, it’s not a question of notifications or PMs (at least it hasn’t been for me).

Ideally, they would show up just like some posts do before they’ve been moderated but after reporting - where you can still click to view the content if you wanted, but by default it’s hidden so you don’t have to. That’s what I’d want anyway.

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Sometimes it’s just one person. Just one person whose nerves are frayed by one other person, so that they know they shouldn’t, shouldn’t hit Reply, but it’s so hard not to. A bozofilter can really help.


It’s unhealthy for a community to carry forward users like this. They should continue to generate friction until they are politely asked to either improve, or go elsewhere.

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Ahh, I just love blind idealism.


The problem with this is I don’t want to spend my time on this forum trying to change people who I feel are inherently annoying, I just want to talk about Soylent, and not read their useless posts. There’s only one user I’d like to make invisible, I’m guessing a lot of users here have one or two they’d like to not read anymore. But we’re all triggered by different annoyances, so I doubt the user I’d like to make disappear is the same that others would pick.

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Ultimately you have to vote with your feet – at the point where good members are being driven out by a bad apple, that should motivate staff. Just be clear exactly why you are leaving.

Well considering I left completely some time back until 1.5 shipped, I suppose I “voted with my feet”. Frankly I’m still doing so. I check here far, far less than I used to and I mostly ignore everything except for PMs and maybe 3 or 4 threads. I don’t even bother reading most of the content anymore because I know I’ll have to wade through inappropriate responses that don’t belong in this forum (IMO, admittedly). The idea that is is somehow the “good members’” job to “fix” the problems with the bad apples, is just silly. That’s precisely what drive good members away from forums never to return. Bad apples can’t be driven out, as they love the friction and attention.

I think that less usage by more experienced members is quite normal, as anyone grows tired of reading the same basic information over and over.

I personally think there aren’t many “bad” contributors here. Maybe there is a superfluity
(assuming that’s a word) of oversensitive readers.

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Bad apples can be reformed via mod intervention, and if they refuse to improve their behavior – gently shown the door. And if they are not, the whole site is doomed anyway.

The idea that a magical mute function will be used by every single affected user to hide the bad apples is unrealistic. Ignoring problems will not make them go away. They’ll just fester and get worse.

(And how could anonymous users even do this? Assuming every registered user had a particular user on a mute list, how does that help the thousands of anonymous users who have no such mute ability? Is it realistic to assume that dozens of users will take the time to mute a disruptive user, when simply reforming or removing the disrupted user would fix it for all users, anonymous and registered, forever?)

If you are unwilling to work within the system to change it, just be very clear why you are leaving, so the cost of having the bad apples in the community is clear.

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Laying it on pretty thick…

I use my own system. Everyone else can do what they want. I control what appears on my monitor, nobody else.

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I control what appears on my monitor, nobody else.

I also use AdBlock.

lol honestly though I think my online experience could be so much better if I knew the first thing about programming.

Sometimes it’s not so much a “bad apple” as it is that one person that you just find it hard to get along with, even though they don’t bother everyone so much. Personalities can clash without someone being really at fault. That’s when a bozofilter is a blessed relief.

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