Is there a way to fix my reaction to 2.0? Nauesous, puky, light headed, sweaty and weak feeling after I drink it

I really want 2.0 to work for me, but currently it doesn’t. I’m honestly surprised how anyone could stomach it and totally confused that some people report that they love it and even prefer it to 1.5. I envy them to say the least.

When I drink 2.0 it tastes to me like a bad chemical cocktail, my stomach immediately sends signals that it would like to vomit and I feel nauseous, a few minutes later I feel weak und slightly sweaty, usually a feeling when I’m low on blood sugar / really hungry after hours without food.

Drinking it for dinner before going to bad I wake up and have the feeling of a bad sugar crash and need to eat something else because I’m to hungry to fall asleep again.

Any ideas how I can fix my reaction to it? Or do experiments / tests which ingredients it might be that I’m reacting to?

I want 2.0 to work for me so badly, right now I can’t believe anyone drinking it volunarily however …

Paging @axcho since he has done some sensitivity testing on this forum …

Have long have your been on Soylent? Have you tried any of the powdered versions?

Try drinking it with food till your body adjusts.

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Try drinking 1/2 a bottle with a 1/2 size solid meal to get your body to adjust to it. When you body begins to adjust to it then you can increase the Soylent and reduce the solid foods.

If your body does not adjust after a couple days then there might be something in it your body is reacting too. In the beginning everyone body has to adjust to it. Usually it is just temporary.

Have you tried the 1.5 powder? Some people actually prefer the taste of that compared to the 2.0.

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I’ve been doing 1.0 through 1.5 and 2.0 for a while, with food is definitely better, on completely empty stomach is very dangerous. At this point I believe it’s no longer an adjusting phase. 1.5 is def better, but not the magic bullet either. I wonder if 1.6 will be better or worse, we’ll see.

I do love the convenience of 2.0 and if I can’t have it, at least I’d like to figure out which ingredient it is that’s causing the issue. Maybe there is a way once it’s known to make it work for me …

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You are surprised that people’s tastes differ?

I’m “honestly” surprised how anyone could stomach beets and totally confused that some people report that they love them.


point well taken, I love beets :slight_smile:


I’d start by testing the macros individually - soy protein isolate, isomaltulose (Palatinose), maltodextrin, oat flour, and I don’t think you can get Solazyme algae oil at the store, but that would be another one to try if you could. If none of those ingredients give you a similar reaction, then it might be worth testing the micro ingredients.

Some tips for testing:

  • Start with a clean slate, where you haven’t experienced any reactions or tested any questionable foods for the last 24-48 hours. Ideally on an empty stomach.
  • Start by testing a very small amount. If you don’t react, you can test increasingly larger amounts of the same ingredient every 30-60 minutes.
  • Once you’ve tested one ingredient, wait 24-48 hours before testing the next. Sometimes an ingredient can have delayed effects.

These kinds of reactions seem to be very individual, so I wouldn’t know without testing which is the culprit. Good luck!


Thanks, I will try it! Soylent should ship a sample kit with a small amount of each ingredient so you can easily test yourself :slight_smile:

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