Is there any hope for a procrastinator?

So, here’s the deal… despite being thrilled with the idea of Soylent, I have only used one week of my month’s supply.

The supply I received June 2014.

So my question would be, is the powder still good? I mean, obviously the oil is bad (and I could really use some advice on replacing it)… but have I wasted my entire investment?

Either way, I’ve hopefully learned a lesson. It would be nice if it weren’t an expensive one though…

Thanks for your help!

If the bags and oil are still sealed they are still good. It’s pretty easy to smell if it went bad.

There’s probably some national decay, so I would avoid going 100% on the stuff, but should be safe to eat.


Thanks for your response!

What is national decay?

A side effect of horrible spelling and auto correct.

Nutritional decay. Vitamin C is probably the first to go.


Probably a typo, and meant nutritional decay.

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Yes, there’s hope. Just wait & see.


It seems like you probably weren’t so thrilled with the reality of Soylent. Not a fan?

Tangentially relevant:
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@mellored and @Geatian, thanks… I never want to assume! So I’ll be losing benefits, but it would still have more nutritional value than an average meal?

@smeggot, I’m feeling more optimistic now!

@pauldwaite, although I was a little disconcerted by the taste and texture… those alone would not have stopped me. My main issue was the difficulty of preparing one serving at a time (and the preparation in general). Shaking the ingredients in the pitcher did not work for me so that meant my blender had to be cleaned every meal (again, not a huge deal). It was just too bizarre trying to measure out just one meal… but I am aware that I give up too easily… it’s a point of shame.

Soylent has a very long shelf life. But I would recommend trying Soylent 2.0. I could never get into the powdered Soylent either. Soylent 2.0 is a huge leap forward in taste, texture, and ease of preparation.

I would say don’t feel ashamed about giving up. It’s not your fault. The Soylent powder leaves a lot to be desired. It’s gritty, it tastes like raw wheat, and it’s complicated to prepare. The powder, in my opinion, really didn’t deliver on the original promise of Soylent, but the bottled drink definitely does. I would also say don’t fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy and feel you need to finish all the powder you have. You already spent the money. Now your choice is just whether or not you want to force yourself to drink 60 litres of gritty wheat liquid.


Eh, it’s very much sold as cheap and convenient — I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be put off by faffing around, and given the fat content it’s not the easiest to clean out whatever receptacles you use in preparation. I can just about shake it up in the pitcher but it’s not easy on my weedy arms and I don’t get a super-smooth mix.


You should consider getting a blender ball. It works well for one meal at a time, and it’s much easier to clean than the pitcher. I make it by the pitcher myself, but I fill a blender ball for “to go” meals; the ability to shake it up before drinking some is also a plus.


@deepriverfish, okay, you’ve definitely made good points… I’m going to seriously look at 2.0. I hadn’t kept up with all the advances (not wanting to know what I was missing as I still needed to finish my original supply), but now it sounds like it’s worth it.

I appreciate your assessment of the powder. It’s just another proof of my rule (that I sometimes forget to live by) that you should never buy the first few versions of a thing. Let them work the kinks out first. That practice has saved me from a lot of frustration and waste… Soylent just seemed so futuristic and perfect that I forgot.

So now to consider the sunk cost fallacy vs. my own stubbornness.

@pauldwaite, you have made me feel so reasonable!

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@spartamets, those are awesome! I found them on Amazon and it looks perfect — thank you!

Just placed an order for 12 bottles of 2.0 — depending on how they taste (and the ease of not having to mix anything) I might totally skip my powder bags…

I started with a few single boxes of 2.0 orders. I’ve since ordered 144 bottles and my 1.5 is sitting neglected in the basement.


@wezaleff, you could very well be predicting my future…


You definitely need soylent 2.0

Well, @deepriverfish, @wezaleff, and @nk412_… I tried my first bottle of 2.0!

Although it’s still a little sad if you think of it as “food” as opposed to fuel, I can totally see myself incorporating this new formulation into my life. What a difference to have it already mixed!

Pretty excited!

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