Is there any hope for a procrastinator?

I procrastinated as well on an order I got September 2014. I think it was the individual serving problem… I think the scoop and booklet contradicted each other as well as how to prepare it… and had to figure out a single serving of oil as well. I think I tried one serving and kinda forgot to go back to it.

I recently have been trying to be healthier again and remembered the soylent I had left. I tossed out the bag and oil I opened for that first meal, as they were opened a long time ago, but then I mixed a full pitcher with a full bag and an oil container. It all smelled fine to me, so I went ahead. It was a lot easier just tossing a whole bag and oil in a pitcher and shaking it up. Then I finished it off over the next 48 hours, replacing a couple meals. All seemed good!

I’ve now bought a small subscription to both 2.0 and 1.5, to see what I like best, but also I see myself using both in different situations… and now the 1.5 powder is easier to make with no oil supplement.

Nice! What do you think of the flavour and texture compared to the powder?

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Well that first taste was poorly timed… I should never try something new for breakfast…

Lunch on the other hand has been fantastic! I get the chalky, Cheerio-milk flavor — but it’s not bad. I pack a lunch for my job which involves driving all day, and 2.0 made the whole process so much easier. Less prep the night before, quicker to pack in the morning, easier to consume while driving, and I have more energy afterwards.

It’s hard to do a direct comparison because the last powder shake I made was ages ago, but I’m pretty much 100% on board with the bottle’s flavor and texture. I mean, obviously it would be nice if it tasted like your favorite milkshake or whatever, but (as we all know) most of the time stuff that’s good for you isn’t the most delicious. I’m incredibly happy to be getting such a well-balanced meal that only tastes a little odd!


I think if it tasted like a chocolate milkshake, we would get sick of the flavour after three days. Can you imagine drinking five chocolate milkshakes a day? It would become nauseating.

I think a future innovation for Soylent will maybe be new flavourings, but they will either have to opt for other bland, very low intensity flavours or find ways to make the flavours occasional (maybe a Nesquik-like flavour mix?).

Yeah, you’re right, not only would we get tired of the flavors, but everyone’s tastes are so diverse that it would be impossible to please everyone.

Plus, not having any flavoring options (in addition to other things) separates Soylent from the health shakes that people keep confusing it for. Chocolate and vanilla are quite generic, but if they ever go down that route I hope they try something a little more creative (without getting too crazy).


I use milksplash, which does make it taste like a milkshake. You’d be surprised how capable one can be of drinking oreo cookie milkshakes or strawberry quik multiple times per day. That’s what 2.0 tastes like with the flavor squirted in. The product advertises itself as having zero calories; basically it’s like mio for milk–or in this case, Soylent. I use a ton of vanilla extract and a little extra Splenda in my 1.5, too, and that’s the only flavor I use. I’m not sick of the vanilla taste at all.

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Whoa! Lots of flavors — and they’re sold at a Target a few minutes from me!

I see absolutely no downside to giving them a try… and the possibilities could be game-changing!