Is there any update on Soylent Bar?


It’s been over three months since the last update on Soylent Bar was released (link). Has any progress been made in the past three months?

-Concerned customer who has eaten a good number of Soylent Bars.


I would like an update too I’m also curious if they solved the vitamin deficiencies in coffiest or if they have decided to just leave it as is. I noticed on all the new Soylent 2.0 boxes they mark them 20% nutrition. However Coffiest is labeled engineerd nutrition…


They are being reformulated.


Are you referring to Soylent Bar or Soylent Coffiest? Details are welcomed.


Coffiest has been fixed and the fix will be entering production soon. Bars are also almost done with reformulation.


How does the fix affect the taste?


No :yum: The fix was complicated and required working with several top food labs around the country.


I’m not a customer of yours (being based in the U.K.) but it’s really great you guys are taking such steps to improve the product - best of luck with it.


Looks like Bars are shipping now.


I got excited. Then I checked my Soylent page. I got sad.

What gives??


That is a glitch. There are ZERO bars in our warehouse.


You sure?

It looks like I’m being charged for Bars.


Even though I don’t like the name, I like the label design of the Soylent Bar package. If they could get a place on the store shelve or by the grocery store checkout, it would really stand out. The thought of being able to grab a true meal replacement bar instead of a candy bar would probably cause all the Soylent Bars to be sold out long before the M&M’s, Doritos and junk foods that people had to grab when they were hungry.


There are multiple changes coming with the bar relaunch. I think you’ll be happy with the changes.


I better be :angry:


Please make it 400 calories


I can confirm it won’t be 400 kcal.


Do the changes include a lower price tag?


I am going to guess multiple flavors and the removal of the offending ingredient that caused the gastric distress. Same price, same calories.


That would be correct.