Is there any update on Soylent Bar?


When is the expected release date of the reformulated bar? My supply is getting extremely low.


Any chance for a variety pack?


Unfortunately I can’t give out dates, but very soon.


Yes, it’s in the works.


Thanks for the info and looking forward to the new version(s)!


I’ll have to get me one of those variety packs!


Ahh…you ruined the suspense. Anyway…those changes are welcome.


All flavors were designed by a cat we had walking over a flavor wheel. :cat:

But in seriousness, I think you will like what we have in store.


I found a long lost treasure, a single soylent bar of gold in a bag of mine I never unpacked… it was awesome. Can’t wait to be able to get some more!


Will it be in stores?


Will there be a golden ticket hidden in 5 of them, which will allow the finder to have a tour of Willy Wonka’s Rosa Lab’s magical candy Soylent factory?


Rosa Foods’…

(Rosa Foods, Inc.)


ConorSoylent Community Manager
That is a glitch. There are ZERO bars in our warehouse.

I like Zero Bars.


Most underrated candy bar ever. Deserves more popularity.


Is there any update to this? I seen it’s been removed from the site :fearful:


The answer blowing in the wind seems to be that the bar is dead. For now, anyway. We have never received a clear reason.
Maybe it just died the death of too many projects.


I have no updates as I have not been updated. :frowning:


Can you ask someone higher up the food chain for an update? :slight_smile:


It’s 2018 already. I would like an update on how the Soylent Bar is going. What’s the progress? What did the FDA review reveal? Should we see it this year? Has it been canceled? Give us SOMETHING!


No updates to offer sadly.